Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now with a little less blood...

I've been having weird health concerns, as I stated in my last post. I made my way to a clinic yesterday. The Dr. said my symptoms were a bit of a mystery, but required further 'investigation.'

So, I had blood taken yesterday, and with my stomach already slightly on puke-alert 24/7, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I had about the same amount of blood drawn about a year and a bit ago and I was surprised by how little it hurt or effected me! This time, however, I felt like I had been totally drained, felt like my whole arm deflated. I hearkened back to Twilight.

In two weeks I have an ultrasound and x-ray. I've had more blood taken, and ultra sounds than a pregnant woman lately! OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I feel like the last two years have brought about quite a few medical mysteries.

The worst part about this whole thing is I have to start eliminating things from my diet. First to go is beer and Advil. I know for myself that I need to cut back on certain foods... I actually am not sure what I can eat that won't make me sick. I hope they find out something soon and I can go back to my normal mode of living - beers on Saturday, McDonald's on Friday, coffee in the morning. I feel slightly like a 45 year old with high cholesterol. I'm 26, I'm too young for this!

I will be happy when I no longer have searing stomach pain, and heart-attack-like chest pain... not to mention the vomiting! I suppose my health is worth the beer sacrifice...

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