Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New outfit for... myself.

All of my pants get the same hole; one just to the right of where the 4 crotch seams meet. I don't know how it happens, but it has happened in my 2 favourite pairs of jeans.

So, I made myself new pants. I used a Burdastyle print at home pattern, which was pretty easy to use, though I think if I were a new sew-ist that this project may have been a little overwhelming. I didn't read the instructions, but none of the pattern pieces were labeled which required some critical analysis (the pant legs are in 3 pieces which is a little unusual).

I sewed a little puff sleeve blouse to go with it (I lined the pockets and waist band in the same fabric as the blouse) . Here it is:

I like this pattern so much I am going to make some out of black twill next, since I have out grown my favourite old black pants, which doesn't really matter anyway because I'm sure they would have gotten a hole in the crotch someday soon.
I'm feeling weirdly (though not unusually) depressed today. I should be excited, the engagement party is Saturday... though it just seems like a lot of work and clean up, then I have to work 52 hours next week at my day job (have I ever mentioned I hate my day job?). It's cold outside, and frosty everywhere... and I am grumpy. I just want to crawl in a hole and ignore the world until spring. I'm stressed about money, about my future, about what I'm doing or not doing with my life... I'm stressed about my job, the upcoming party (I don't feel very social lately). I'm just overall in a huff, and to top it off I feel guilty because I should be super stoked about all of the awesome things going on in my life. Le Sigh...


  1. Wow! in all the years I have been sewing, I have never made myself jean style pants. Those look great on you.

  2. hey! which BurdaStyle pattern did you use for the pants?



    I made another pair in black twill too - had to do some adjusting for fit, but other than that, a great pattern!


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