Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy few weeks...

Check out the new banners on my sidebar! I am going to be running a promotion monthly, where 5 of my readers can get free ad space to promote their Blog, Shop, or Etsy Store (handmade or vintage please!) for 1 month blocks.

Here is how it will work:
  1. I will make a blog post around the middle of each month titled "FREE AD SPACE". The First 5 people to comment with their email address will get the space for the following month
  2. To be eligible, you should be a follower of my blog, and give me a little "shout out" on your blog when the ad goes out.
  3. The Free Ad space will be 200 wide x 125 high.
This weekend was super busy and I am starting my Monday off on the same foot.

My 4 day work weeks at my day job slowly melded into 4 and a half... and now 5 days again. Right in the midst of the Christmas Rush and a Wholesale order. I'm really feeling like I could use an extra pair of hands or an extra few days in the week... or have the ability to not sleep or eat.

Though I do love the rush of being busy! I just wish I had more time to be busy with Ohhh Lulu...

This weekend Dan and I did some much needed clothes shopping for him, and I conned him into buying a cardigan. When we came home my poor pug, Oliver had an accident on the floor. I did my pug-motherly duty and cleaned it up... but noticed a bit of blood in it which was very shocking. So, we are off to the vet today to get things checked out. I am praying that nothing is wrong with my little guy. His 4th birthday is tomorrow, and he is the apple of my eye. I am hoping he is just reacting to the new food I bought him and I am over reacting to the whole thing.

Yesterday morning we decided to seal around all the windows with peel-off silicone... not knowing that it would emit a nausea-inducing, brain-cell-molesting odour. So, we had to be out of the apartment for the entire day.

Before the vet, I am going to try to sneak in to see our landlords - who are also conveniently mortgage brokers - to see about mortgage rates... busy, busy times. I'm already looking forward to Christmas Holidays!!!

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  1. Thanks again for the opportunity to advertise on your blog, Sarah! A post will go up tomorrow with shout outs to both your blog and Etsy shop. :)


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