Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hen Costume for Young Girls... December 1910

I have these french magazines... La Mode Illustrée. This one is from December 1910, which describes "Hen" costumes for young girls. I thought it was fitting, with Halloween right around the corner. This is perhaps the most elegant "chicken" costume I've ever seen!

Now... if only my French were not so rusty, I might actually be able to read about it!


  1. That's so beautiful, very elegant indeed :) And to see that back then the pattern was 6 francs, more or less $1! So did you learn French at school? Tu parles encore un peu^^?

  2. Je parle seulement un peu de francais... Actually I hardly speak any french but in Canada we take French until Grade 10. I wish I knew more! I feel like a bad Canadian not being bilingual :)

  3. Hey, your sentence's pefect! I wish my French students were actually able to do the same^^


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