Monday, October 17, 2011

Off to Quebec...

Ohhh Lulu has been very busy lately, and for that I am so grateful. Life has also been very busy. Dan's grandmother passed away over the weekend, so we will be making a trip to Quebec at the end of the week. It is an eight hour drive, so we will be gone for a few days. It's sad to lose another grandmother, but I am glad that she didn't suffer through her old age and was able to live most of her life independently. She lived to the age of 97, and only just over the last few months has been living in a home. That's perseverance!

Day-job gets increasingly tedious by the day. What was supposed to be a PR position slowly melded into a general office position and I'm back to being a Disgruntled Secretary again. Disgruntled Secretaries Unite! All jokes aside, I am grateful for a job that pays me decently, but there are days (like today) where the thought of walking out my front door, down the street, and stepping foot in that office makes me want to break down in tears. I just know, the minute I get there I will find out about some silly mistake I made that will lead to the uncovering of a dozen other silly mistakes I have made. I feel like more often than not, I am making mistakes (or maybe more often that not I am hearing about the mistakes I've made). Does anyone else feel like this about their job?

It is really getting hard to juggle the demands of a growing business with a day job. More so mentally than physically.

Between sewing and life, Dan and I are out house hunting again. Our prospects are much more depressing this time. Yesterday we went to an open house in a very nice house, in an ok neighbourhood. However, the total square footage of the house was the same as our apartment. Though it was technically a 1 bedroom house, the current owner had set up a master bedroom in what would have better been used as a living room. Currently the couches, tv, and dining table all reside in the kitchen. Cramped. Also expensive. If Dan and I had no intention on having kids it would have been a great house.

It is very frustrating because no house seems to compare with the one we nearly had. All of the houses have some kind of glaring flaw, either the ceilings in the upstairs aren't high enough to stand up in (seriously), the property backs onto a lumber yard, is as small as our apartment, or is 30 minutes out of town... It is definitely not a great time to be looking for houses, so I have a feeling we will be holding out until the summer here in our tiny and freezing little apartment downtown. We were really hoping to avoid another winter here with our electric baseboard heat...

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