Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handmade Histories...

Dan's grandmother's house was full of treasures. My mother-in-law packed 3 large bags full of hankies, silk scarves, hand trimmed cotton pillow cases, handmade doilies and some silk babies clothes. I love all of these little handmade and sentimental items.

I sorted through them last week and found some real treasures, and so many silk hankies!

Many of these were embroidered and tatted or crocheted by Dan's great-aunt and Dan's Grandmother. I really love these items... even though I never got to meet these people, having these precious items makes me feel close to them.
Among some of the items were little silk baby dresses and a small silk bonnet and cotton bib that belonged to Dan's mom and Dan's uncle. They are so precious, I love them dearly!

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