Monday, March 26, 2012

Non-lingerie related things I did this weekend...

Ah... my almost weekly Monday Morning Post.

After having 3 & 4 day weekends while we were finishing up fixing up the house, going back to 2 day weekends is agony.  By the time I've finished cleaning, a bit of socializing (my best friend came up for a visit from the city), unwinding, it's time to go back to work again. I really feel like Ohhh Lulu has gone to the wayside a bit...

I've also taken up yoga, which is taking up my Monday & Wednesday nights.  This, I am happy about.  Working more... not so happy.  But that's life, right?  Yoga has been great.  I am doing Bikram once a week; every week I feel like I get a bit better, and I definitely have more energy to fit in more work! ( haha) Seriously though, I am so grateful for my life right now; a job that I mostly enjoy, the free time to slowly nurture a small business...

This weekend, I also snuck in some sewing for myself.  I'm working on a few pieces for my personal spring/summer wardrobe, and this is one: a Raglan Sleeve 3/4 sleeve tee which I am actually wearing today.

I added a lace heart to the back for a little interest.  When I wear my hair down, it gets covered completely, but when I wear it up in a bun, like today, it creates a little surprise in the back.  I really like it, and it was a breeze to sew!  Using the same basic pattern, I am making a cardigan out of a lacey knitted fabric.

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