Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ohh La La Pin Up Sew Along Pt 2... Assembling the corselet and attaching the cups

We have assembled our lined, half lined, or unlined bra cups and can now star working on the lower half of our long line corset.

Start by stitching the centre front panels together, with a 1/2" seam allowance.  After I have done that, I have folded my raw edges under, and stitched about 1/4" in from my seam line.  This creates a clean finish inside, and gives me decorative top-stitching outside.

I attached my side front panels to my centre front panels with a flat felled seam (stitched down french seams).  If you are not sure how to do this, I added a tutorial HERE for our corset section of the sew along. 

 Sew your two bra cups together down the centre line.  I folded under the seam allowance, just like I did for the center front of the lower half, making sure my stitching lines would match when I sewed the two pieces together.

Now you can stitch the front bra and front corselet together.  To keep a sharp corner at the centre where the corselet comes to a point, as you are stitching, leave your needle in the down position at the point, carefully snip the stitches of the centre front seam of the bra, so you can pivot around the corner and get a sharp edge.
 Now is a great time to hold it up to your body or your dress form to make sure nothing weird is going on with the fit!
It's really starting to look like a long line bra! How is yours coming? Next I am going to show you an optional finish for your bra cups, to add a little support under the bust.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the stitching detail you did on the cups.
    Mine is going pretty well. I have just started with some cotton, but I'd like to try something more pretty on a second go. I cut my cups on the bias as you suggested, and I like how the stretch allows them to conform.

    1. I love that about bias cut - you can really mould your fabric into shape! Works especially well on cottons and natural fabrics :)

  2. Great tutorial, really making me want to get out my sewing machine now! XxxX


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