Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is one of the best days of the year.  An excuse to stuff yourself with candy and wear silly outfits. I hope we get a few trick-or-treaters tonight, or else I have a big bag of candy to eat...

A while back, I finished a large custom order for a lady who wanted a nice variety of vintage-inspired pieces.  It was a very fun order to sew - she gave me some indication as far as colours and styles as a starting point.  A few of the pieces she wanted were based of some of the my first pieces of lingerie, so it was fun to revive some older pieces.

I did a pair of mesh french knickers with a gathered satin waistband.  I really like this style band, it's so pretty and soft.  To do a waist like this, I tear a 4" wide strip of satin, the entire width of the fabric, fold in half with the right side out, and stitch my elastic casings (two of them, 1/2" wide each).  I then cut my elastic to the desired length (adding an inch for overlap), and insert the elastic.  Because the elastic is much smaller then the casing, it begins ruching the casing.  I then press it, so all of the gathers lay flat, and sew it on to the garment. 

She also wanted a set in coral silk - I did a thong and cheeky panty to match.

And, this set, which I absolutely love.  The fabric is so pretty - dusty purples and greys with a lovely rose print.

Dusk Lingerie Set 


  1. You make such amazingly gorgeous underwear. I always wonder where you source your fabric. I realise that my problem finding OK jersey might be my insistence on 100% cotton, but even the synthetic stuff I find isn't nearly as nice-looking as what you're using.

    1. Thank you!

      I like 100% cotton jersey too, though I am warming up to polyester blends, and ITY polyester Jersey - it's got a great drape and feels beautiful.

      Silk charmeuse is nicer to sew with than polyester charmeuse, but polyester charmeuse is so easy to care for. I used to HATE synthetics, but they are just so darn practical! And if you line them with a cotton, they can be as comfortable and practical. I think the trick is to find polyester satins that aren't TOO shiny, or they look cheap.

      I source a lot of my fabrics on line, but am also lucky to have a great fabric store in the town where I live that offers a great selection of fabrics.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic selection!!!

  3. I love the French knickers! Like you said, it's soft and feminine without being too frilly. Thanks for the tutorial too!

  4. Nice Designs!!!! There are many types of lingerie designs are available in the market. If you wear gorgeous underwear, then this will increase your beauty as well as confidence. Selection of perfect lingerie is a very tough job, but if you put some efforts you will surely get benefited.


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