Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Easy FOE (Fold Over Elastic) Hair Ties that are sewn NOT knotted!

I have a lot of fold over elastic kicking around, and I often end up with little bits and pieces that I hoard away. I also lose things, particularly hair ties, so I've found a quick and easy way to use up those small bits of elastic to make hair ties that are amazing

Fold Over Elastic is nice and stretchy, with good recovery and the satin finish doesn't snag your hair. They are also nice and thick so if you often find your hair getting wrapped up in traditional elastics (like I do), this may just solve your problem. You've probably seen the knotted version of these hair ties, which are well and good, but I wanted mine to have a more polished finish.

How to make sewn not knotted FOE Hair Ties!

1. Cut a length of elastic about 8" long. I've got super thick hair, so if you have finer hair, you may want to cut it a little shorter.

2. Fold the elastic in half, with the right sides (shiny side) facing and stitch together using about a 3/8" seam allowance.

3. I snip back one edge of the Fold Over Elastic by about 1/8". I sometimes lightly singe the end with a lighter (please be careful if you choose to do this!), though I don't find that the elastic generally frays too badly.

4. Fold the seam allowance down so that the shorter end of the seam allowance is covered by the slightly longer end. Top stitch through all layers, being sure to backtack at the beginning and end of your seam. 

And that's it! It takes just a minute to make them and you'll never buy a hair tie again.  Wrap a few around a printed piece of cardstock, and they make a great addition to a handmade gift. It's also a great way to use all of that amazing printed FOE that I'm seeing all over Etsy (check out Peak Bloom, just as one example!).

Thanks to my beautiful friend, Susie, from Changing of the Garnet for modeling my little elastic for me!


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