Stressful Times + More Baby Clothes

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's been a really stressful 24 hours. My dad is in the hospital, recovering from emergency surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm. It's pretty serious, but he seems to be remaining stable... I was back and forth from the hospital a couple times yesterday and will be heading back there again in a couple of hours. Hopefully he will come out of sedation today... It's one of those situations where it's hard to know what to do with myself. It's serious. I'm trying to keep myself occupied. I put my shop on hold for a bit, so I can work on what's in my queue and spend more time with my family... He is not in our local hospital, so I am having to travel to the next town over to see him which makes things a little more tricky. 

Coming home to my happy little baby has been a nice ray of sunshine (Oliver too. My husband is also alright). At the same time, being away from her is really hard... I'm grateful to have friends and family volunteer to help with taking care of her while I spend time with my dad...

Before I head into the hospital today I've been trying to distract myself, so I decided I'd blog... Over the weekend, I did a bit of sewing for Izzy. I used See Kate Sew's Pippa Peplum Top Pattern, Brindille & Twig's Bloomer Pattern, and a Free Headband Pattern from Megan Nielsen. 

The finished outfit kind of reminds me of these turn of the century swimmers! 

Image Credit: Lost in Drawers

We've moved Izzy into her own room last week. She is such a great baby, so independent and happy.  It's hard to believe that only three months ago she couldn't even lift her own head; she does so much now! She bounces around in her little bouncy activity center thing, she makes all sorts of noises, laughs, smiles, plays with toys. She's really a whole little person now! It's crazy how fast they change... I am finding that I enjoy it more and more as she grows.

Sewing for Baby... Bonnets!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I don't know what it is about me, but when I have to do something, it feel so hard to motivate myself to do it... but finding the motivation to make several bonnets? I've got that... Getting myself to sew an order sometimes feels excruciating, but I can whip out three bonnets at 4am no problem.

I saw some baby bonnets come across my Instagram feed recently. They were simple, not frilly... just the perfect thing for Isabel! 

So, I went on the hunt for a pattern, since I have no idea how to make a hat for a baby... 
I ended up using the Rabbit Hat Pattern from

I cut the smallest size, which is still a little large for Izzy, but she will grow into it!  Instaed of simply lining the bonnet, I bound the edges with bias binding. I did two plain versions and one with ears. On both, I omitted the dart at the back because I didn't read the instructions! Typical me... 

The bonnet I made with the bunny ears is made of a single layer of fleece. I used some vintage floral cotton that my best friend, Abbey gave me. It came from her grandmother!

I'm pretty obsessed with these now and have a couple more cut out and ready to be sewn... I've spent way too much time now looking at pictures of baby bonnets. Now I want to get some striped and polka dot linen for my next batch....

I also bought the Storybook Woods Bonnet pattern from Alicia Paulson, which also looks very nice.  The weather has been so cold here lately, so these light bonnets are perfect for Isabel. 

Super Awesome Mega Giveaway!

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Etsy Team that I co-manage with Kathleen is running an awesome, gigantic, super amazing give away! I wish I could win... We've got art prints, porcelain jewellery, wood veneer note cards, designer cushion covers, handmadeupcycled cashmere dolls, cherry wood serving boards, hand-carved of course! There are so many good things... when I tallied it all up it's over $340 worth of handmade and vintage goods! 

My contribution to the giveaway is a set of His & Hers Sleep Masks (or Hers and Hers, His and His, or keep them both for yourself!). I've been making lots of these masks for guys, and am finally getting around to offering them in my shop...

One of the things I've enjoyed most about preparing this giveaway is seeing everyone's amazing work in person... There are some seriously talented people here!

Anyway, enough chit-chat. To enter the giveaway, head on over to The Canadian Collective's Blog.

Good Luck!

Work at home mom

Friday, February 6, 2015

"Mom." I'm still not used to that title. 

I reopened my shop a several weeks ago and things have been pretty steady! It's been interesting, adjusting to being both a mom and a business owner. It's definitely do-able but takes a total overhaul in your routine. I'm a creature of habit so I was worried this would be a really hard transition for me. It's challenging, and some days are far better than others, but for the most time I'm falling into it easier than I thought.  Although it's only been a few weeks, I've learned some very important things about working from home while caring for a baby.  

Helpers in the studio

The first thing I've found is that it's important to have a flexible schedule.  I was really worried before I had Izzy that I'd feel resentful that I couldn't do what I want when I want. After all, I've been living a very independent life for the last 31 years (ask my parents). There is still lots of time in the day. You just have to arrange your time differently and be prepared to take lots of breaks. I used to have a pretty tight routine. Wake up, work-out, walk the dog, eat breakfast, work, work, work, work, couch, bed, repeat. Now it's wake up, Izzy, exercise, Izzy, let Oliver outside, Izzy, Izzy, Izzy, work, Izzy, work more, Izzy, Dinner, Izzy... you get the idea.  We keep Izzy on a pretty tight schedule (she is happier that way and has pretty much fallen into it ourselves), but being flexible with my own schedule has made things so much easier.

Set goals for each day, but make sure they are reasonable. I have super high expectations of myself and can be really hard on myself when I don't come through. I used to set a goal of sewing 5-6 orders a day. Granted, I had about 60 orders in queue at the time... now I have the reasonable goal of 1 order a day.  The days when Izzy naps longer and I actually get to sew 2 or 3 I feel super accomplished.  I also set goals for what I want to do with Izzy. It's easy to get focused on work and feel guilty at the end of the day that you haven't spent enough time with your little one. I have a goal of tummy-time every day, singing songs in the afternoon, and a snuggle at night.  At the same time, you've got to stay cool if you don't achieve your goal. Sometiems your day just doesn't go as you'd like it to.

I think the thing that is hardest for me (and women in general), is adjusting my expectations. My house isn't always as tidy as it used to be, but I've adjusted my expectations to accept that it's more important for me to have an afternoon sing along with Izzy than to have dusted and polished furniture. I might feel a little guilty about ordering take-out every friday night, but the time that I save not cooking might be an extra order out the door, plus time to relax...

I've been lucky to have friends offer to help out with some childcare. Accept help if it's offered. My friend, Aaron, comes over once a week, as he's available and watches Izzy and hangs out with me while I work. In return, I taxi him around as needed, feed him a good meal, and help him out here and there.  Also know that it's ok to ask for help. We are in the process of finding a babysitter/nanny for once a week.  It's been harder for me to accept than I thought it would be that we need help to juggle all of the things going on in my life, and that internal mommy-guilt is strong ("Am I a bad mom for bringing my baby to daycare?" No no no!).  But this leads me to my last point...

Make time for the things you love. A baby is an amazing thing... so sweet and cute and snuggly... they also take over your life! I've found it really important to take time every day to do something that makes me feel good, something just for me! While Isabel has her morning nap, I work out. I love working out. It gives me energy, makes me feel strong, and I like knowing that when the zombie apocalypse (or maybe measles apocalypse is more timely?) happens, I'll be in great physical condition (haha... seriously though, that's always what I have in the back of my head).

The last thing I've learned is it's ok to not get anything done. Baby-hood is such fleeting time, it DOES go by so fast. Enjoy this time. Your kid is only a baby once, and it is pretty damn special (spit-up and dirty diapers aside).

I did want to add that we have had the benefit of having a healthy, easy-going baby. Not all parents have it as easy as we do... We have the good fortune of two incomes, two parents, help, and good health all around!  We are also lucky in Canada to have paid maternity leave, so whether you work from home or not, you still get lots of time early on with your new family member... Parenthood can be more complicated in other parts of the world.

One of my biggest fears about having a baby is that my business would get put on the back burner. I had a vision of myself at 40 with two kids, dishevelled, driving a mini-van... the highlight of my day being scouring pots and pans, resentful that I had to quit my business to raise a couple brats. Haha... It's not like that at all. There is plenty of time to do both. Plus, she'll be in kindergarten in a few years (another joke, but also a great reminder on those bad day)!

Joking aside, I am really glad we have Izzy and that I got off the fence about having kids. Seeing her smile up at me each morning when I wake her up, and the sound of her laugh (she's giggling away in her swing as I write this) is just the best thing ever. Being able to work from home and be a mom at the same time takes some serious willpower, but I am so glad that I get to see her grow and change...


Saturday, January 31, 2015

I cut off probably six inches of hair! It's still fairly long, just long enough to put in a ponytail and I've gone back to the bangs. I love, love, love it! Think I might go a tad shorter next time... It feels amazing to have the weight of my hair off my head! I was worried I'd wake up the next day with hair-cutters regret, but I totally didn't. I just felt great! haha... if you're thinking of chopping, I say do it!

What's on my mind? HAIR!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Gettin' my hair done today. Pretty excited about that.

I've been growing my hair for a few years now. It's long. It's fine. It's THICK. It sheds everywhere. It ends up in my food. And now that I have a baby, it is constantly being pulled and tugged by her little hands. Yesterday I found a strand wrapped snuggly around her little wrist... Long hair is SO overrated. 

So, I'm ready for a change!!! Here's me now. I couldn't even fit all of my hair in one picture, but you get the idea.

My New Years Resolution was to wear more lipstick!

Here are the things I like.  What do you think? Bangs? No Bangs? Short bangs, long bangs? I've been obsessed with pinning hair-spiration to my Pinterest Board the last two weeks.  I really like the wavy bobs à la Ahn Co Tran, but my hair is pretty straight.  If you look at my board, you'll notice the cuts get shorter and shorter... In the picture it was just washed and air dried, and that's about all my hair does... I pretty much always wear it in a bun or ponytail. I love the idea of doing a braid or something fancy... but who am I kidding, I never do it.

Via Pinterest...

I really like the idea of an exposed neck. It's funny, it's like all of a sudden I've just had it with my long hair. I've went from loving it to being slightly grossed out by it... At the same time, I'm afraid to lose all these years of length!

So, opinions, thoughts? I want something fun and stylish - I feel like my hair is lacking those two elements right now. I'm going in for the chop at 3, wish me luck!

"New" studio!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I mentioned a while back that I re-did my studio. Previously, it was painted a horribly depressing beige... the walls were cracked, and it was generally a pretty ugly space. So, with the help my my BFF Abbey, we patched the cracks, painted furniture, evened things out, and painted the walls (two shades of) white.  I used all of the furniture I had in there before, which was an antique table from an auction sale, two Ikea book shelves, and a custom built sewing L-shaped table (got it as part of a trade). I added a small vintage cabinet to store boxes and odds and ends, as well as two rods to store spools of elastic. The new layout is SO much better, with the cutting table in the centre of the room.  Overall it just feels so much brighter and inspiring. I really, really love being in this room now. I like it so much, I now want to paint everything white! It just looks so good, especially in a house like ours, which is pretty dark (small windows).

Our house is  a smaller, three bedroom house. This room used to be the master bedroom... we decided (well, truly I decided) the space would be better used as my studio and we moved into one of the smaller bedrooms. Best decision I ever made.  Our bedroom feels nice and cozy and I now have a studio that's big enough for two people and a baby to work in.

It can be hard to make everything "fit" in a small house, but I've found that downsizing furniture scale as we can afford to do so and frequent de-cluttering sprees. So much of our original furniture was stuff handed down to us, and it just didn't fit our small space. As we've lived here longer we've invested in more storage and more compact pieces... it makes a world of difference. I'm really starting to love our little old house! 

Big thanks to Shutter Owl Photography for the beautiful photos!

Just for fun, a photo of me and Izzy.

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