Best Gift Ever: Organization for my Sewing Stuff!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dan got me the greatest Christmas present this year! A lovely, antique hutch to store all of my fabric, threads, trims, and other doo-dad's. I packed all of my fabric into it this morning. I absolutely love it!
I have all my fabric rolled, and organized: Jerseys in one area, cottons and linens in another, all my lace is together as are all of my "novelty" fabrics, like satiny prints, velvets, etc. I have a drawer full of thread, a drawer full of "Ohhh Lulu" tags and the like... I even have a drawer with all of my lingerie elastics, ribbons, and fastenings organized in little slots.
We spent the morning re-arranging and I am so, so very happy with how much larger our small, 1 bedroom apartment looks!

I couldn't be happier! It is absolutely beautiful, matches my dining table beautifully, and completes my dining/studio area! I feel like I finally have a real work space. Before, I had been storing my fabric stash (which is huge because I worked for Fabric stores for years) in bags stashed throughout the apartment. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I kept all of my trims in a big knot in a plastic bag, which hung off my sewing chair. This is so much better. It makes me wonder what everyone else's Sewing Area's look like...
Tonight we are headed off to my Aunts for Christmas Lasagna, and tomorrow we are having our 2nd Turkey dinner with Dan's family. In my opinion, you can never have enough turkey dinner.

More Christmas Crafting...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I think I am almost done all of my Christmas Crafting. I have one last thing to do.
I had the day off today. I ran around and mailed orders to customers, spent an hour at my favourite place in the world, Fabricland, and took Oliver for a car ride (just because he loves it). It is my cousin's birthday tonight! I had been knitting her socks, but those were not close to being done so instead I made her an Apron, since she is an amazing cook!
In the background is the mysterious, large wrapped box that Dan has got me for Christmas. I have no idea what it might be!!! But, it takes up most of our hallway!
I love this yellow tulip printed fabric. I bought 2.5 meters and will make myself... something. I used the Butterick Pattern I won from Patty at The Snugbug. I hope she likes it!

I realized last night I had not gotten anything for Oliver. So, I made him this collar, complete with bow tie. He will hate it, but I am going to absolutely melt when I see it on him! Have I mentioned I have THE cutest dog in the world?

Lastly, I am in the process of making another one of these cake slices... This one is for a friend's mini-me (ie. child), I will make one for Oliver as well.

I also finished up a crafty little present for Dan today, that I had so much fun making! I can't wait until after Christmas so I can talk about what I made for him!!!

Oh Joyous Christmas!

Yesterday my phone broke and our windsheild decided to mysteriously crack out of no where, horizontally, all the way across. I think this was a gift from Santa, and must mean I've been terribly naughty this year, though I can't quite pinpoint what I must have done.

I did walk right past the Salvation Army guy, ringing the bell in the grocery styre.... twice. Maybe that's what pushed me over into the Naughty List.

Anyways, that is a total bummer. Rogers won't replace my phone, I am not eligible for an upgrade, I may have to pay for the repair, and I can't take advantage of any of the existing deals (like $0 for a Blackberry whatever with a 3 year contract) because I am already an existing customer (BASTARDS!). I could cancel my account entirely and go somewhere else but that would cost me $250! I guess Rogers knows that I am just made of money. Which is why we drive a 13 year old car with rust and now a cracked windsheild...

Sigh... At least we have a car. And for that, I am greatful. I am greatful for a lot of things, but every once and a while I can't help but shake my fists in the air and scream, "Why!? Why can't it be EASIER?!" Is it just me, or does anyone else get a twinge of jealousy (and then immediatly feel foolish and guilty for it) when they see their friends on Facebook, or in life going on vacations, and buying new gadgets, and Iphones, and cars, or expensive clothes... and you're just making it by (Albeit contributing to savings of RRSPs?). Because I do, I get that horrible jealousy, them immediatly feel foolish, but it's there.

It could always be worse. I could be in Haiti, or in flood ravaged Pakistan, or living on the streets, or jobless, or worst of all, family-less. So I've got a broken windsheild, an old car, debt I'll be paying off for the rest of my life for my silly education, a broken phone, a messy apartment, a job that is driving me clinically insane... I have a Dan, a Mom, a Dad, and bless him, a Brother (silly as he may be). And to top it off, I have the best damn dog in the whole wide world (even though he slept on my back the entire night, all 35lbs of him).

Today, I am sending away two orders from last week and filling an order from this week. Here's a great thing! Ohhh Lulu seems to be starting to get fairly consistant orders... This is my dream.

Sad at the state of equality in my workplce...

Friday, December 17, 2010

I work in a car repair shop, manning (HA!) the front desk. When I first started here the "staff room" was decorated with posters of half naked women. Needless to say, I found this embarrassing and offensive. When I brought this up to someone else here, I got the responce "Yeah it's not really right but it's tradition." They got moved into the staff bathroom... I use the customer washroom.

Today there were lovely half naked lady magnets everywhere provided to the guys from one of our suppliers. I'm already struggling with this job, I don't think I should have to be subjected to sexually offensive materials while I'm here as well. I don't think I'm asking too much.

I am at work right now and I am so frustrated and angry that I just want to walk out and cry.. Cry, or punch someone. I've had lots of hard jobs in my life, but never one that left me feeling so... worthless as a human being. Not only do I have to deal with customers thinking I'm a complete idiot because I have boobs, but I get to look at half naked Pamela Anderson's all over the place. All the power to all the Pamela Anderson's out there, but not so professional in the workplace in my humble opinion...

I feel like when I voice my opinion, the overwhelming response is that I'm over reacting and shouldn't be so sensitive. But, I really feel that making this behavour is not okay, it's not professional in the workplace, and it is offensive to me, any other woman who enters this shop, and to the men here as well, not to expect a certain amout of workplace professionalism. Actually, maybe it is the most offensive to men, as it strengthens the stereotype that men only think with their penis and are only intersted in busty blonde airheads in thongs, splashing around on the beach.

I'm frustrated, I'm frustrated and angry. I remember thinking, while I was working on my degree, that things couldn't be nearly as bad as people were makign things out to be. Well, I am learning as I make my way through the world, that they are, things suck and I wish I could grow a penis and speak with a deeper voice because I think my opinons and thoughts would be better received.

I don't bring my lingerie to work and I don't want to see "Matco model of the year's" lingerie while I'm at work either. I think that's fair enough,.

End Rant.... But I'm still pissed off.

A Ruffle Obsession...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This One Piece Romper has been in my sewing pile for a week or so... Yesterday I got called in to work, which threw my sewing schedule way off... However, I think it worked in my favour because this turned out way, way more cute than I had anticipated. Sometimes I get this foggy vision in the back of my mind of how I want something to turn out, but I don't quite have all the details... It is fun to see it come to life in front of me!
I stopped by our Best (wo)Man's place for coffee this morning and chatted about wedding stuff, and guys, and her little one, then stopped in a new antique store that just opened up Downtown. They had some great stuff and cheap too! The owner said she will keep her eyes peeled for vintage patterns for me... Here's hoping.

After I finished the Romper, I dug out a piece of fabric that my best friend donated to me out of her stash and came up with my Ruffled Abigail Bloomers, which you can see more pictures of Here . I cut out a matching top which I will sew on Sunday if I'm not too busy... I still have some Christmas things to do...

And last but not least, I made these fleece lined knitted leggings. I literally was dreaming of this fabric. It was expensive (in my books), at $20/yard, But these are the warmest, snuggliest things I own! Pair that with the sweater my mom knitted me and my Sorrel Boots and I am ready to drop-kick winter!

Our Staff Christmas Party is this Saturday. I'm excited to not have to wear my hideous, oversized uniform shirt!

Christmas Crafting...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every year I plan on making a whole bunch of gifts... and this year I've actually done it! The last thing I have to do is something for my Grandma!

On my gift list are chunky knitted socks, polka dot lingerie set, and fabric flower broach! I have two more gifts that I can't post because of prying eyes.
I am super happy with these fabric flower broaches! My mom stopped by for coffee this morning (the weather was way too bad for her to get to work), and I gave her one made of Candice Olsen drapery fabrics - grey silk with rhinestones and silk velvet with a burnt out lattice design. I should have photographed it! Or I should just make another one for me!

Tomorrow will be an Ohhh Lulu sewing day... today, I am winding down making dinner for when Dan gets home, Chicken breasts, turnip and carrots! Yummy.

DIY Christmas Tags with Picnik!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I just started wrapping my Christmas Presents to go under my tree... Dan picked up red and silver wrapping papers today and I was so excited to come home and wrap... However, as usual, I totally forgot to ask him to get tags! So... with the help of Picnik, I made my own personalized Christmas Taggies. Voila!
Over the weekend I made the snuggliest Leggings out of fleece back knitted fabric. I am going to make some little sleep shorts for sale and will post pictures of the leggings tomorrow!

I left work a little early (a little being 5 hours) today because things were so slow... Tonight I will try to finish some Christmas knitting and some flower broaches. I spent most of the day in wedding day dream land... I keep re-thinking my colour schemes but am finding some really fun things on Etsy!
Speaking of Etsy, check out this great Treasury, Meet me under the mistletoe. So dreamy and romantic! Exactly how I've been feeling lately, especially since we've been practically snowed in the last two days.
Because we were snowed in, I finally got around to having a painting lesson from Dan. My painting turned out way better than I ever anticipated, and now I have a great gift idea for someone special! I can't wait for Christmas!

Too sick to sew...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's official... I've got the flu or something. Goodness me, I feel really, really terrible. I had wanted to finish a Romper I had started yesterday. It is mostly assembled, waiting to be adorned with lace and ribbons and ruffles.... but not today.
I sewed this last night before throwing in the towel. I'm really, really pleased with it, even though I thought sewing it might just push me over the edge, everything that could go wrong went wrong with it... It was just one of those days yesterday.

I really like it though, it reminds me of Marie Antoinette, or the Old West. I've notice a real "country" theme in what I've been liking lately... This small town is getting to me!

Now I am going to snuggle with my Pugalug, Oliver on the couch and feel sorry for myself while posting stuff on my Etsy.

New Years Dress?

I hate New Years. I really do. I hate the pressure to do something special, I hate how expensive it is... It just fills me with anxiety. What do you wear? What should you do? Where should you go? I'd rather just stay home...

But, I made a dress that is suitable for new years. It's Butterick 6582, one of my favourite vintage re-print patterns.

I am so in love with this fabric. It was in the Clearance room at Fabricland, only $4 a meter. It is a nice weight linen an the most sumptuous colours that are not done justice here. I bought 3 meters of it and am trying to decide what to do with the rest!

I've sewn this dress three times; once with the full skirt, once as a blouse and now the fitted version. No matter how many times I sew an attached neck and arm hole facing, I end up cursing. I find it kind of funny, I mean, I went to school for this! These things should be a breeze... but I still find myself dreading arm hole facings and fly zippers.

Along the way I seem to have lost half of the pieces for this dress so I ended up redrafting some facing pieces... which is easy to do if this ever happens to anyone else, you basically trace the piece you are facing and deduct 1/8" to make it slightly smaller so that it pulls towards the inside.

I woke up sick today and am very sad about this... headache, upset stomach, runny nose. Oh Joy!

New Set...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

During our Oscar's Best Picture Movie Marathon, we watched some black and white, 1950s era movie that starts out (I think) with a couple getting dressed after a romp in a hotel room. There is a shot of the woman's back, who has on the most interesting bra (I thought). I wish I could remember which movie it was! I re-created what I could remember here:

I wish I had taken a daylight photo of it on my dress form. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I will be posting one on Etsy soon!

I also played around with my undies pattern and created this thong, with a little "keyhole" cut out in the back.

I sewed this set, a lace and velvet thong, and have started a romper and dress which will be finished tomorrow and Etsy-ing will commence soon after. I am having serious iron issues which has been slowing down my process; it keeps spitting rusty, gross water on everything! I have wiped the plate down, cleaned it with vinegar and water... I think it may be time for a new iron...

A Very Long and Boring Day...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is going to be both long and very, very boring. Good thing I brought my knitting.

I am sending off my last few orders today. I found I've been making a lot of stupid (fixable) mistakes, like sewing things on backwards, sewing the bottom of a garment into a top seam (real dumb), and other things like that. I wonder if other sewists make the same, silly mistakes.

Often my mistakes come from me trying to cut corners by not pinning, or rushing, or by trying to play tug of war with Oliver while I sew. I also melt things with my Iron... that is the worst.

Anyway, long story short, I made good use of my seam ripper, and everything turned out fantastically.

I am hoping to get some Christmas Sewing done next week for my mom and myself, and to get my Christmas tree up next weekend! I am so excited about this Christmas. This is Dan and my first Christmas living together. I can't wait to spend Christmas Eve sipping Egg Nog and watching Christmas Movies together. So In Love!

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