Running 5 Free Ad Spots!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I've been a little lax in my pay-it-forward Ad Spots that I had been running over the last several months, but I'd like to pick it up again.  Here's how it works...

I've been very lucky to be featured on some really great blogs.  It has brought me a lot of exposure and helped me grow my business.  I want to be able to do the same, so I've been running month-long free ad spots to the first 5 people to comment on THIS post.  I'll be closing the post on Wednesday afternoon.

If you have a handmade/vintage/crafty shop or blog, comment here with your email address.  All I ask in return is a small mention on your blog, facebook page, or twitter. If you are one of the lucky 5, I'll need a 200x125 ad by the end of the week.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!

What's in the works for May

I'm taking a little break this afternoon.  The weather has turned rainy and it is Income Tax Deadline day, which means I have a migraine.  I just finished filing my taxes, tried to relax in the bath, and am now sitting here trying to ease a headache away before I head off to yoga tonight.

I have a few things planned for the upcoming month that I am excited about.  First, I'm running an Ad on one of my all time favourite blogs, Oh the Lovely Things. I love all the picks on her blog and am excited to be running a small spot there.

I have a guest blogger spot on another sewing blog that will be running soon.  It's top secret, but I'll be sure to share the links when it comes out.

I've got two giveaways coming up so make sure you keep an eye on my blog and facebook page for details.

Lastly, I'm gearing up for a Ready-Made Sale, which I'm hoping to run at the end of May if I can get my act in gear. It will be mostly panties and bralettes, perhaps some accessories.

House stuff...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

 After we moved into our house, we noticed something funny about all of the doors... at some point, all three of them had been broken into. As a result, someone had locked up the (broken) doors tighter than fort knox.  Our beautiful, 1920's front door is split down the centre (I have patched with wood filler for the time being), and has a gigantic deadbolt screwed to it, the other side notched out of our lovely moulding.

Our side entrance, which we use most often was nothing more than an interior door with a bathroom-style lock on it.  Today my dad came in and with the help of my brother and Dan, switched out the side door with this lovely new door, which now allows some nice light to come in to the side entry way, so I will be able to see in there in the mornings.  We still have lots of work to do around there, and I will paint and put up shelves in the near future, but the new door is making a big difference.

This morning, I crawled around in the attic checking out the wiring and insulation.  As you may remember, we had out of date, knob and tube wiring through our basement and main floor which as been switched.  We were afraid we would find the same up stairs.  Luckily, it has been updated, and we can now blow insulation into our walls.  There is absolutely none in there now!  We did learn that behind the wood panelling in our front entry and hallway upstairs, is lathe and plaster... which makes me sad.  We will need to drywall in there eventually, and the plaster will make such a gigantic mess.  I almost wish we had just done it before we moved in in January.  Oh well...

This afternoon my mom and I started digging the gardens in the back yard.  My back is aching from turning up the soil.  It was so packed down and rocky.  I only made it half way through 1 garden before I called it quits.

I am so, incredibly grateful to have such a handy, helpful family.  This house has gone through such a transformation because of them. We have laid new floor, painted, insulated, re-wired, replaced light fixtures, fixed trimmings, jacked up the floors, fixed & added plumbing, scrubbed, cleaned, tiled... Everyone has just been more helpful than I ever could have asked for, and my house just feels so beautiful and full of love.

In closing, here is an adorable picture of Oliver being a ham for the camera... and Dan trying to ignore the both of us! <3


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joan Polka Dot Bias Cut Camisole
Why bias cut?  All sewists will know how beautifully bias cut fabric drapes, but if you're not a sewist you might not be familiar with the beautiful hand of bias-cut satin.  When you cut fabric so that the threads run diagonally along the garment, it creates the most beautiful, fluid drape and adds a considerable amount of stretch to form around your body.  Lately, I've been wearing hardly anything other than bias cut camisoles under cardigans and blazers.  They are so... effortless and glam.

Joan Super High Waist Knickers

 Phew.... so as you can see I've been a busy little lady.  But, I finally feel like I've really accomplished something.  I am so, so happy with how everything turned out. I have so many other ideas flying around in my head, I can't sew fast enough to get them all out!

3 for $60


Amethyst Smoke Bra & Panties Set
I've been on a major Satin Kick ever since I made this custom set for one of my most favorite customers.  I am especially loving top stitching satin.  It has such a retro feel.  This set can be made in nearly any colour  possible.

Amethyst Smoke Bra

Amethyst Smoke Knickers

Not all of the bras are lined, but this one is. It adds some support for larger busts.  I wear a D cup, and I find this quite comfortable.  There are no wires or padding, so don't expect the girls to be up around your chin, like when you wear a Victoria's Secret Bra.  You get a much more natural look.. but it is comfortable, and in my opinion, natural is much more sexy than the unnatural shape a VS or La Senza bra gives.  Those bras have their place, but if you are looking for a more natural silhouette, or something comfortable enough to sleep in, this might just be for you!


Satin, Lace & Roses

Pocket full of Posies

A lot of my new pieces are a little more subdued than the original Ohhh Lulu Ruffle Bloomers... but not these pieces.  They are frilly, flirty and girly. I can't help myself.  I wanted to have a better mix of every day and special occasion lingerie in this new collection I've been workingon.


These ribbon-tied panties are made of stretch satin in petal-pink, and chiffon rosette covered mesh.  These would make a great bridal boudoir piece.  Wish I had them for my wedding *whine*

Pretty Petals Knickers

And... more lace.  Lace & Ruffles.  But smaller, more delicate ruffles this time. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.... I love sewing lingerie, you can add all of those fun, over the top details you wouldn't ordinarily get to wear.
Pretty Petals Bra

Pretty Petals Bra & Panties

Pink & Grey, Chevrons, Stripes & Sequins

Mermaid Sequins & Stripes Panties

I found these swarovski crystal beads in my sewing cabinet...( yeah, I just have some "laying around," I'm a sewing supply hoarder) they make great photo props! Especially paired with these sequined panties.  The sequin fabric is amazing - slightly matte sequins, so unusual and mermaid-like. I have this fabric in grey and sugar-pink.

Chevron Bra & Panties Set

You might recognize this jersey fabric from This Post .  I love this shade of grey.  I cut it on the bias to create a chevron stripe set, paired with some pink.  Neat, huh?


Chevron Panties

Chevron Bra

Midnight Blue

After Midnight Cheeky Knickers

I found this midnight-blue stretch satin and snatched up several yards of it.  It feels so amazing on and the colour is just gorgeous.  Navy is such a nice alternative to black... 

After Midnight Bias Cut Camisole

My local fabric store has been offering up lots of good finds lately.  The lace on this set is so nice, cottony and stretchy. I have it in two colours - cream and taupe. 

Bon Voyage Bra & Panties Set



Ooh La La Pin Up Sew Along Pt. 3... Finishing the leg and waist openings with elastic

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Depending on the type of elastic you are using, you will use different methods to apply the elastic.  However, the basic idea is the same.  Baste your elastic on, pulling gently to ensure a secure fit.  Fold your elastic under, or over, and zig-zag stitch down, pulling flat as you go.  When you finish, you want your elastic to pull your leg and waist opening slightly smaller - about 2" depending on the resiliency of your elastic.

For foldover elastic -baste the elastic to the wrong side, as you would bias tape. Use a long zig-zag stitch.

Trim back any excess, fold over towards the right side, and zig-zag stitch down, pulling as you go.

If using a flat lingerie elastic, with or without a picot edge, baste onto the right side of your garment, pulling gently as you go. Stitch about 1/16" away from the edge of the elastic, furthest from the edge of your garment.  For instance, if you are applying a 1/2" elastic to the waist band of your panties, baste on 7/16" away from the seam allowance.  Make sense?

Trim back any excess, fold your elastic under, and top stitch down.

Voila! Two easy ways to finish off your garments... And you're done!

Ooh La La Pin Up Sew Along Pt. 3... Sewing in the crotch lining

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Something I never anticipated, getting into design, was how comfortable I would become with the word "crotch." 

Anyway... it's time to add the crotch lining.  Start by finishing the straight edge of the crotch lining by zig-zag or overlocking.  You want a finish that will not add any bulk to prevent a seam from showing through. With jersey you also have the option of just leaving the raw edge.  It's not going to unravel on you, but might roll a little.

We are going to sandwich the back crotch seam between the front crotch seam and the  lining crotch seam.

The right side of the crotch lining should be facing the wrong side of the back panel.

The right sides of the front and back panel should be facing.  Pin together, and straight stitch your seam.

Grade your seam allowance, to prevent bulk.  Grading is trimming back one layer of seam allowance at a time, creating a staggered effect.  You might want to add some top stitching here if you find your seam is bulky.  If not, just press your crotch lining forward, and baste into place.

There you have it, you're almost done.  Just needs elastic now! 

Ooh La La Pin Up Sew Along Pt. 3... Cutting your fabric and sewing your vertical seams

Once you have fitted your muslin and made the necessary changes, you can start cutting your fabric.  I'm using bias-cut satin and stretch lace for mine, with organic cotton jersey for the crotch lining.  When using woven, non-stretch fabric for the front and back panels, I've found that fabrics like satin, woven fabrics blended with spandex, and looser-weave fabrics work best, as opposed to a tight weave like broadcloth.

Pin your side front seam to your center front panel, easing the curves together.  Easing is a technique used in setting in sleeves, and sewing opposite curves together.  Essentially, you need to fit a larger line onto a shorter line, without any puckers.  The start and end of your seam should match up without any overhang.  I've added 3/8" seam allowance to this pattern.

Sew and finish all four seams.  I am overlocking mine, but you can zig-zag, or pink your edges.  I would not recommend a french or bound seam as it will be too bulky.  My sewing machine comes with a faux-overlock stitch that works great.  

Now you have all four vertical seams sewn, and the crotch seam is left open.  Press your seams and try it on to make sore you don't need to make any adjustments to the with.

Black & White

Monday, April 16, 2012

When I graduated from Design School I landed the most fun job through my part-time job at a fabric store.  The position was in a textile design studio.  I met my best friend in the whole-wide-world there - it was a studio full of fun, young people who loved their jobs and had so much fun at work... It was a lot of fun, and I really miss the people to this day.  

Recently my manager from that position contact me because she is starting a new business - one she had talked about for years - called Dye It Black.  She specializes in re-dying your faded blacks back to their full glory.  I love this idea because it prevents "old" clothes from winding up in the waste bin... and I wear a whole lotta black.

So, she and I are teaming up a bit, and will be collaborating on a few black pieces.  I sewed these power net  mesh panties yesterday.  They are great because the netting is stretchy and soft, yet firm enough to hold you in a little bit.  Because it is such a stable net, I was able to avoid using elastic around the legs, which helps prevent panty lines.

I also started a striped set, and listed these on Etsy last night.  Tops to follow... as well as some garter belts and whatnot... 

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