Almost December

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I feel like I just gave notice to my job yesterday...though I'm on week three, or maybe it's four (?) of self-employment.  So far, so good, the world hasn't spontaneously collapsed around me or anything! *knock on wood*

I am still finding myself very busy, but much less stressed when I take a day or two completely off.  Last Saturday my dad came into put up some French Doors with Dan, then afterwards Dan and I took a snowy walk around downtown, window shopped in the antique stores, and drank fancy, expensive coffees from my favourite little coffee shop.  It was so nice.  Afterwards, we came home, and I knitted and watched movies.  I really love the winter.

This weekend, I hope to get my second french door up.  This house is so out of level, putting up a door turned out to be a whole day event. Most of the trim had to come off, and now needs repainting, and because our floors are so warped, the door required some creative cutting... But the one door is in and looks awesome, and will keep our living area much warmer (our front entry way stays at about 13 Celcius)! I know that open concept is the 'modern look', and I'm essentially blocking off my rooms the way the house originally was, but I really like the coziness of having separate rooms.  We are actually planning on dividing our living room/dining room with bookshelves and columns this winter.  My poor old house has been so neglected... it feels so good to give it a second life!

Aside from home improvements, which truly are never ending, I went with my mom, aunt & cousin to the One of a Kind show in Toronto.  It was slightly disappointing, and everything was pretty much out of my Christmas spending budget.  I went two years ago and got a ton of stuff... this year wasn't as good, I found many of the vendors were very, very similar, especially the clothing vendors.  I would have loved to have seen more variety  and Variety in pricing too...  On top of that, my mom tried on an 'all natural, organic' hand cream that she developed an allergic reaction to and was sneezing, and eyes watering the whole way through!  I made only a very small dent in my Christmas Shopping, and am very tired today... I had been considering selling at the Spring One of a Kind show, through Etsy (they have table deals for vendors), but am now thinking it's not such a great idea...

Later this morning my little 'nephew' is coming over for the day.  We were just at his 3rd Birthday Party on Sunday, which was a total riot.  His parents organized an Amazing Race all over their property, which is out in the woods just north of town.  It was so much fun, and the kids had a blast... however, that too was exhausting! So, I feel like the last two days have been very tiring, and I haven't even touched my sewing machine since Friday!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I thought I'd give a quick update on the kitty (Lydia) that we adopted.  As you might remember, we found out, after adopting her, that she had a pretty serious heart condition, along with a few other health problems. The heart condition is still there, of course, but you'd never know it for how active this cat is!   I had forgotten just how wacky cats are.

After we got Lydia on antibiotics for her infection, she really perked up.  We fattened her up quite a bit (accidentally... she's been getting into the bacon grease I had in a can by the sink!), and she is really at home.  I don't know if I'd say she's a 'nice' kitty, but she's full of personality and really holds her own against the dog.  Between Oliver & Lydia, it's seriously a laugh a minute around here.  Gosh... I do love animals, they are just the best!

Anyway, she is doing great! And I am glad to see her healthy and happy, I feel like I gave her a second chance, which is quite an awesome feeling.

Also, I finally got around to buying a DSLR camera, see how nice Lydia's portrait turned out? :)


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It is coming sooooon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is something that I've never taken part in, it's mostly a US phenomenon... but just a heads up, I will be running a Cyber Monday sale this weekend! So stay tuned!

Shimmer Collection

For the occasion, I am busily stocking the shop with new cheeky panties, high waist panties, and soon, more french knickers.

Vintage Collection


Monday, November 19, 2012

Yesterday was such a great day! My best friend  Abbey and her Boyfriend came up from the city... We ate lunch at a local greasy spoon, took a walk along the lake, watched a bit of the Santa Claus Parade downtown, then had coffee & conversation at my house.  Afterwards, I found these stunning photos in my inbox. 
Graciela from IndigoLOVE Photography contacted me about a month ago.  I really loved her natural yet quirky styling, so I was excited to send her a few pieces a few weeks ago. This is the thing I love the most about the internet, being able to meet and connect with so many amazing, talented people!
I really love the setting for these photos.


Ruffles Bralette
Starlette Set & my favourite photo!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have been so busy! I love it! Yesterday  I met with a local woman who makes handmade cards, wedding invitations, and scrapbooks - she's thinking of getting into the business of doing invitations through Etsy, as well as DIY scrapbook and card kits. It was nice to sit down with a fellow crafter!

The rest of the day I spent cutting orders, and replying to emails.  I seem to have, in the process, injured the middle finger on my left hand. I think it's actually a cyst... but it's bruised and large and awkward and...  I'm  big whiny baby, so I have to mention it! This morning my little brother is coming over to help me get some yard work done before the snow comes. We have a small lot - though in the grand scheme of city lots, I suppose it's a decent size - with lots of leaves!  My brother is so handy and always good to help out when I need him.  Gosh, brothers are such a nice thing to have.

I am also preparing a bunch of new items - specifically new Cheeky panties, High waist Panties, and French Knickers & a couple new camisoles - because Cyber Monday is quickly approaching!!!

Blue Flannel

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's only November 8th, and it is freezing.  We've only had one snowfall, but it didn't stick around.  It's just cold.  At least it's sunny.  For me, if it's going to be cold, I want at least the pleasure of seeing the pretty, white snow. I've been finding our little old house very chilly lately! 

Yesterday I went into the office to help out a bit.  It's been a month since I 'quit' and I'm not really feeling like I'm breaking my ties very well which is frustrating.  I fully believe in leaving every job on good terms, as you never want to burn your bridges, but part of why I was leaving was because I just did not enjoy the job anymore, and there was too much stress worrying about TWO small business.  I still don't feel like that stress is gone... I guess that will come in time.  I am an impatient person.

Warm Flannel Undies
It is nice having the extra time to devote to Ohhh Lulu.  I spent this morning doing some administration type things that I've been avoiding... It feels good to have them off my check list.

Warm Flannel Soft Bra
I'm starting to have a routine for my days off.  I start early, normally waking up between 6 and 7, reply to emails, walk the dog, do a little housework, reply to more emails, cut, sew, package, walk to the post office, make dinner...  It's a pretty good routine, and I like the silence and spending my days alone.  It's funny, I know many people who would go nuts spending the days entirely alone, but I really like it.  I like the quiet, I like to be lost in my own thoughts with no one to interrupt me.  I have enough going on in my head at times for two people, so maybe that's why :)  I am still working long hours in front of the sewing machine, but I am feeling pretty grateful (though still very intimidated by the whole process).

And the Set together

ahh... a weekend!

Monday, November 5, 2012

This weekend I did something a little unusual for me... I hardly sewed! I shopped with my mom, went to a memorial with some old friends for a friend of ours who passed away ten years ago, then entertained them at my house for a while, I had dinner with my cousins, I sat on the couch and snuggled with Dan & Oliver for two hours, I started reading a new book, I watched movies, I wasted an hour on Pinterest.... It was so great! I am so excited about having weekends back in my life again.

This week, I am only going into work one day.  I guess it's a slow transition into self-employment, which I guess is good. I think it's going to take me some time to adjust. The whole idea of me governing my own time, all the time, sounds so awesome, but also really hard.  I think if you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a pretty dedicated, self-motivated person, but even with that, it's hard to always make yourself get up off the couch in the morning, put down your book, set aside Bubble Witch Saga (I am so embarrassed, but I'm obsessed with that game), and get to work and stay at work.  I think that's the challenge of working from home.  There are so many distractions.

Anyway, I am enjoying myself and have a so many thing so going on in my head right now, lots of ideas and designs and plans for the coming months.  I've got a few new pieces that I need to list in my etsy shop, and I'm hoping to  have some more cheeky panties styles to add soon too.  This set is one set that I'll be adding. It's my favourite pink satin covered in champagne coloured lace, with corset style bone casings (but no bones) over the seams.

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