Introducing... The Ultimate Sleep Mask Pattern

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sleep masks are something that I added to my Lingerie Shop a couple years ago. Over the years, I like to think I've perfected my technique and learned a thing or two about how to put a nice mask together. Sleep Masks are something that I have a lot of fun sewing. I like taking a basic pattern and figuring out small changes I can make to turn it into something really unique.

You might remember me talking (or ranting on twitter) about my battles with some pretty hardcore insomnia over the years. Whenever I feel a bout of sleeplessness coming on, I thrown on my favourite sleep mask. Something about the ritual of putting it on helps put me in the mindset for sleep. Well, that and Sleep With Me Podcast (a serious life saver). So, I can truly say that these are personally tried and tested (and loved).

I wanted to add a few patterns to my Pattern Shop that would be more suitable for people who are just learning how to sew. The Ultimate Sleep Mask Pattern does require you to have some basic sewing skills, like how to use a sewing pattern, how to cut fabric, and the basics of how to sew a seam, but other than that, it is a great starting point! 

My Sleep Mask Pattern makes use of materials and supplies you can find at almost any sewing shop. You may even be able to get everything you need at your local craft store! It just takes a small amount of fabric, (a fat quarter will do!), some cotton for lining, cotton quilt batting, and a strip of any type of elastic (though I like to use Fold Over Elastic). One of my pattern testers even suggested using long ribbons for ties. I've done something similar on one of my Silk Sleep Masks.

The Ultimate Sleep Mask Pattern allows you to make a basic mask, with tips on using lightweight fabrics like satin, a mask with sleep-eye embroidery, or cute little animal masks in the shape of a kitty, bear, fox, and bunny. I already have plans on a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a Panda mask! I've even had the idea of cutting little eye holes to make fun costume masks for kids.

I've spent a lot of time and attention on providing some extra in-depth photos for this latest collection of patterns. I have tried to make my instruction manuals both useful and beautiful! I really hope you enjoy sewing this pattern. I think it's something a little different (and also makes a great handmade gift! I'm currently in the process of making a batch out of some heirloom fabric for a friend).

Sweet Dreams!


  1. I agree with everything Sarah says! These masks are fun to make with all the cute options, and then the magic of assembling all the layers. And boy do they filter out light! Just the right amount of puffy and soft, and so opaque. Better than any you find at a store. I've made 2 already, and I don't see myself stopping!

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  3. I just finished making one for my daughter . We have an apartment facing the street and too much light gets in, so this is pretty much important to us. I used a blackout fabric. Thank you so much for this simple and cute sleep maskpattern, it was so useful and easy-to-follow.

  4. These sleep mask patterns are definitely awesome and very easy to create. An activity that I would like to complete with my students from, something to keep them busy and creative.

  5. I concur with everything Sarah says! These veils are enjoyable to make with all the adorable alternatives, and after that the enchantment of collecting every one of the layers. Furthermore, kid do they sift through light! Simply the perfect measure of puffy and delicate, thus obscure. Superior to anything any you find at a store. I've made 2 as of now, and I don't see myself ceasing!

  6. Your sleeping mask is so cute! I like that you can create such beautiful things for home. I love to read your blog due to this decorations and cute things. As for me I'd better buy such things that create them myself. I write the language line and I think this is enough for my online activity.

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  8. I love this idea for my daughter, however, I can not find where to download the pattern.

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