Underwire Bra: A Success Story!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I also made this bra this weekend.

It's my first recent attempt at an underwire bra and this time it went great. I have to make two changes to the Kwik Sew Pattern that I used: The first change is adding elastic to the top, underarm of the cup and top of the band. The second is scooping the underarm down a bit lower, making the underwire casing a touch smaller, simply because I can't find such long underwires.

This bra fits so good, and best of all, has no padding. Something I do not understand is why every bra from La Senza comes padded. D-Cups or larger do not require padding - God gave us all the padding we needed.

I'm so excited to sew a second of these then manipulate the pattern a bit. The whole process only took about 2 hours.

I am no longer a slave to La Senza...


  1. I am so impressed.
    oh you've been so busy.
    your Dolly Patron's must look beautiful.haha.
    I have somethings that need to be adjusted would you be interested in making some extra dough.

  2. I find all the things you are making really inspiring. I never thought this was something I could make for myself. On the subject of padding, though, it's not always about looking like you have "more" but trying to have a smooth contour...especially if you've ever had kids. It sort of changes things. :)


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