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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today was/is my day off... I cut out two camisoles, and two pairs of french knickers (floral as shown here, and red and black plaid). I also have some ideas kicking around in my head for some obi-style belts that I might attempt to bring to life today...

I really love this camisole pattern. I have made two so far. It is based off of an original 1970's lingerie pattern, bias cut, and really pretty. I love the airy-ness of the chiffon under a nice sweater for fall.

I have also been making these cowl-back blouses from a 1960's Vogue Pattern. I have made two so far, the chiffon one here, and a blue crepe one with sleeves... I think I've decided I only want to wear chiffon from now on.

I just got back from the vet, which occupied a good chunk of my day off. Poor Oliver has an ear infection (actually ear infections, as it seems to be in both ears)... I feel awful for not noticing earlier and I have to admit, his little floppy ears look so red and sore! I feel like the worst puppy-mommy every...

I am counting down the days until the weekend (as usual). Dan, my fiancee (I am still no where near being over that!), and I are going to a Wedding on Saturday, Farmers Market Saturday Morning, and Scout's Valley on Sunday to check out the fall colours. On Tuesday we are checking out the venue for our Wedding Reception! I am getting so, so excited, and really maybe should be starting on my dress soon.

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