Gettin' 'er done...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I wish I had gotten more done today than I ended up getting done... I returned a 4 year old modem to Rogers to close an account that had apparently gone to collections (eep!!!), which fixed that whole mess. I listed three items on Etsy, and finished the soft bra as shown below. I also printed a bunch of Ohhh Lulu labels, and finished a black and leopard print pair of panties (which I've decided I don't like as much as I had thought I would) based off of a 1960's pattern. Left on the "to do" list is a cape (for myself for winter), and some more photos of a couple of other things. I hope the Etsy thing goes well... I used to sell on Ebay when I was in college and actually did really well... I know I could use the extra money.

Yesterday Dan called around to find and officiant for our wedding. We are meeting with a "secular humanist officiant" on Halloween day. In my mind, I'm already sold! I think that we have all of the most major Wedding decisions made: wedding parties are chosen, venues are booked, and we soon will have someone to marry us. Now it'll just be fun stuff, like flowers and dresses!

To end the day, I think I must have somehow glutened myself and am feeling like I will soon be in extreme pain. Oh... why me?

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