Special Requests

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special request orders are some of my favourite.  It gives me the opportunity to sew something a little different.  After a while, sewing the same several pairs of panties can get tedious!  I always enjoy sewing something new!

I've sewn this style of bra before, but in cottons.  It is based off of a pattern that I have from the 1940's for a bandeau swimsuit top.  The pattern itself is incredibly simple, and would be easy for anyone to reproduce at home with little drafting skills involved.  Adding elastic, and a bra hook at the back updates the piece, and the elastic makes it a little more comfortable than just a hemmed edge. 

I think the gathers work nicely on the satin, and gives it a real sense of dimension.  I really love this piece and hope to make one for myself, but in black (because I practically am always in black) with straps.


  1. So pretty! Love this bandeau style!

  2. I want one... I think in black. But I could actually wear this, feel amazing and still breast feed.


  3. Oh this is a lovely bra. How much support do you think it gives though?


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