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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I felt caught up before I went on vacation, then I came home, and remembered that I would have to play catch up again, after taking a week off! Well... I worked my butt of the last two weeks.  Now, I'm starting to feel ok again.  I think this is called "running your own business."

I finished up a fairly large wholesale order last week.  It was a lot of repetitive sewing, which is difficult for a girl like me. I have a hard time sewing the same thing back to back.  But, I persevered, and I got it done! 

I also worked on a couple of custom ruffle bloomers.  I haven't sewn ruffle bloomers in a long time.  I had sewed so many at one point, that I just couldn't sew another.  But, it was a fun project and they turned out lovely.

Last week we had a terrible heatwave.  We had a couple of days that felt in the low 40's Celsius.  Dan and I bought an air conditioner for our bedroom, but my itty-bitty studio remained insanely hot.  I had a hard time staying in there for more than a couple hours at a time. Considering it was cold enough to be snowing just in April, it's hard for the body to adjust. 

Yesterday, my dad came out and ran some wiring outside.  Our older house didn't have any exterior outlets, which is a problem because we want to put in a little pond in the garden and we need to hook up a small pump.  So, we got that done yesterday, and we also have an outlet by back porch which will be helpful. 

Last night, Dan and I watched The Bay, which I thought was really fantastic.  I love "outbreak" type movies, and this one was just a little different.  It got a lot of bad reviews... but I still thought it was really good.  The environmental issues it raised, as well as the different found-footage perspectives were interesting.  But I like low-budget films & I  generally like found footage.  People complained that the science was junk, but is'a movie, it's not a documentary.  In my opinion, it was presented in a way to be believable, and still far out enough to be an enjoyable horror movie. I am eagerly anticipating Bobcat Goldthwait's Willow Creek.  It's another found-footage movie, and it is all about my favourite cryptid, Sasquatch! 

I really love horror movies, but there are certain types of horror I hate.  Gore-fests are out.  I don't have the stomach for it.  I saw half of Saw and that was enough for me.  Its not even really scary, just gross.  I also hate horror movies that are based around home invasions and torture (like Vacancy or Hostel).  They tend to be a little too 'plausible' for me.  I like a movie that is just enough out there that my imagination can run wild with it.  It scares me, but I don't think it's actually going to happen.  For example, Paranormal Activity was a really fun movie.  It made me jump, scream, made my heart race, and when It was done I felt a great sigh of relief and went about my day.  I am a rational person who likes to pretend that ghosts exists, but when the movie is over, it doesn't stick with me.  A movie about a home invasion and a couple being terrorized by some crazed killer is a little too real, and is just not fun to watch... I don't really get those movies.

Today I am headed upstairs to my studio to sew. I worked through the last couple of weekends, and am hoping that next week I can take it a little easier once I get a few things finished up.  I have also just ordered all my fall fabrics, which I am very excited about! After the heatwave we experienced last week, I'm over summer!



  1. I love the yellow and white combination! Should be named after an ice cream flavour or soemthing, very summery!

  2. Gosh Sarah, your wholesale order looks as stunning as always! Long may summer last I say (we don't get much of it in the UK to be fair), but I will be very excited to see your autumn designs ;o)


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