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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A couple weeks ago there was a sale on at my local fabric store.  I picked up a few yards of this fleece-backed knit.  I thought I'd make myself a sweater... the weather was turning cold, so I thought maybe I'd make Oliver one too.  When I mentioned to Dan that I was making Oliver and I matching sweaters, he wanted in on the action.... so, I made him one too.  Then we decided that we had to capture the moment in a perfectly cheesy family photo, and a new tradition has been born.  Acually, it's the first Family Christmas Tradition ever for us, and I think it's a pretty good one. It also gave me an excuse to cut off Dan's bush-man beard to a more suitable length...

Oliver looks particularly embarrassed here.

Oliver was as cooperative as I would have expected him to be.  We set up the camera and tripod and timer, and rushed to get everyone in place.  At one point, he heard the cat run up the stairs, so of course he had to bolt after her, barking all the way.  Here I am cursing at him!

"Oliverrrrr! Come back here!"

I made Dan's Sweater using the Strathcona Henley Pattern.  It turned out really well, and I think I will make Dan more (less cheesy versions) of these.  I did Oliver's sweater to match, with a little button up placket.  It's just the cutest. Now, if only I could convince him to wear it more often...

Christmas just isn't going to be the same this year. It's definitely not the Christmas I imagined it would be a couple of months ago.  But, starting new traditions, and doing things a little differently is definitely making it easier.


  1. I'm so glad you've got this fun new tradition! You guys look absolutely adorable in your matching outfits-- I hope you do this again next year! :)

  2. This is a wonderful tradition! The sweaters are fantastic! I love the family photo. And, thanks for the link to the henley pattern. I think my husband would wear something like that if I sewed it for him.:-D

  3. The fabric is so pretty and perfect for Christmas! What pattern did you use to make the pug sweater?? I've recently been trying to make sweaters for my own pugs actually, but am having a horrible time with fitting their shape!

  4. Oooh, I love this tradition Sarah! Your jumpers are amazing and I think it's so cute that both Dan and Oliver's versions have a button placket. Beautiful photos!

  5. So perfect. You all look so comfy-cozy and festive! All three are awesome, but ahhhhh Oliver's is AMAZING.

  6. yes I think Oliver has that "How embarrassment" look on his face

  7. Aw I love this!! Yay for new traditions.

  8. Oh I LOVE this! I might have to copy this idea for next year, I'm sure my husband would love it as much as I do


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