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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I started working on these patterns right after I had Isabel. At first, things were easy... Izzy slept so much. Then she discovered the world and decided she never wanted to sleep again... But, with a whole lot of trial and error, lots and lots of patience, sticking to a routine, and a really good babysitter, I have finally accomplished something!

I wanted to create a collection of lingerie that could double as lounge wear. Comfortable, versatile pieces that are easy to sew. I wanted to take some vintage pieces, like '20's style tap pants and cami-knicker combo's, but modernize them. So, here they are! I hope you like them as much as I do!

The Alice Knickers are my take on 1920's style tap pants.  They have a modern low rise, and semi-circular cut which gives them a soft fluttery look.

I have a small collection of vintage slips. I've written about my love of slips before... they are so great to wear to bed. They are comfy but also so pretty. I've designed the Clementine Slip to be tight fitting, with just a little support under the bust.

The Eloise Shorts are perfect for wearing to bed. They are super short and have a low rise. I'm a lady with a bit of a tummy and like low rise garments because it doesn't cut into my new mom soft belly. The shorts have a flat front, but elastic at the back.

I posted a picture of the Emma Romper on Instagram months ago and had so many people asking me for this pattern! It took forever, but here it is. I've already posted a tutorial on how to sew it with a cinched waist.

The Hannah Chemise is one of my favorites. I came up with this style soon after I had Isabel and was still sporting a pretty significant belly. The soft gathers at the waist are so forgiving. The banding around the top allows you to experiment with different fabric combinations!

The Ivy Lace Panties are designed specifically for use with Scalloped Stretch Lace. I recommend using 8-9" wide stretch lace. I know that can be a tricky width to find, but Sew Sassy stocks it in quite a few colours.  You can sometimes also find regular width stretch lace that has a scalloped edge.

The Josephine Bralette is a style I've been making for a while. I really like it because it allows you to combine contrasting fabrics. The Josephine Bralette can be sewn two ways - either with a racer back or traditional hook and eye closure,

View A of the Nora Panties is my favourite thing right now! I want to make a dozen of these for myself. They are so comfortable and flattering. The Nora Pattern an be sewn so many ways. The pattern comes with instructions on how to make three variations... but I can think of a few other ways to sew them that would be fun too.

Lastly, is the Scarlett Bra. This is also a style that I've had in my lingerie shop for a while. The Scarlett pattern comes with instructions on how to style this bra two different ways. Racer back bras are my favourite right now. I'm not sure what it is, but I find them so comfy, and I love how they accentuate the shape of the back...

One of the new things I've been doing is working on some video's. I've started a YouTube Channel, where I post some demo's. If you've never sewn lingerie before and need a little help with the instructions, I'm hoping the video's will be a help to you.

I have one more thing in store to share with you... but that will have to wait for another day! I hope you like the patterns. 


  1. This new pattern collection is amazing! You've outdone yourself.

  2. These are all so gorgeous, Sarah!

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  5. Nice Pics. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. It looks so sweet and girly....nice collection :)


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