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Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh my gosh. Guys, being a mom is hard, hard work. Don't get me wrong, it's totally worth the hard, hard work, but readjusting my schedule is an on going learning process.

In January, Isabel started daycare! She goes 3-4 days a week. Her day care provider is amazing. She has so much energy and is just so natural with the kids. Isabel absolutely loves going, which makes me feel really happy about sending her.

So, now that I have more of a regular schedule, I've been getting back into the swing of things. This week has been rough though. Isabel was sick for the very first time in her life! It was only a cold, but she had a bit of a fever on Monday and I just hate seeing her sick. All her pep just drained right out of her. So, we had a couple of sleepless nights, and a couple of very long days.  On the bright side, I'm a little ahead of work so that didn't add much stress to the matter.  I'm very happy to say she is on the mend and much more her smiling, giggly self now.

Anyway, back to business. I've added a bunch of new items to  my shop this week and I thought I'd share a few of them with you here!

I'm starting to run dangerously low on My Fleur Romper fabric... I absolutely adore this fabric and didn't want to let a single scrap go to waste, so I've decided to made sleep masks with it as well. I made a few of these cat-ear sleep masks for Changing of the Garnet but wanted to offer them in my shop too!

I've got a few "basics" as well as some more fun items...

One of my personal favourites...

I wanted to make a quick note about the peach floral set above - this the item that was chosen in the All's Fair in Love and Lingerie Giveaway in November, and has been named after the winner, Zoe. I actually made a few of these sets for Changing of the Garnet and kept one of the samples for myself. I seriously can't get enough of it. I am constantly wanting to do laundry so I can wear it again! The fabric is so light and stretchy and it looks absolutely fantastic on. Every time I wear it I feel like supermodel. My favourite part though is the accent of Rose Gold hardware. Anyway, I just wanted to rave about this set because I really value comfortable underwear and was super happy with how this set turned out. 

And lastly, something I've been wanting to do for a while is offer a few super-limited sets using fabrics from indie designers on Spoonflower. I so often get lost in the Spoonflower worm hole and end up losing hours looking at fabrics...  I really enjoy working with new fabrics so I'm buying just 1 or two meter cuts of these specialty prints. They cost a little more than my usual items, but they are truly unique and you will not only be supporting an indie lingerie designer, but also indie fabric designers!


  1. Oh gosh I love that mesh set. I might just have to treat myself to that one...

  2. Spoonflower! Of course! Which fabric base are you using? Love your work and your gorgeous patterns :)

    1. I've tried their Sport Lycra and the Organic Cotton Knit. Both are lovely. The sport lycra is actually a great weight and has a beautiful slightly satiny hand. I'm going to order some more fabrics in their Cotton Lycra Jersey.

  3. Is that Anemone set out of Spoonflower fabric? Any chance you could link to the design page? I'd love to get some yardage of that for myself!


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