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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh man, what a week! And it's only Wednesday.

I know I hardly get on here anymore. Life is busy. We have done so much around the house; new floors in the kitchen are finally done, things are getting in a state or un-pack-ed-ness, our tumbling chimney has been mostly removed, and we're starting to plan our living room remodel, which will involve tearing out the old fireplace...

Bye bye broken floor.

On top of all of that fun stuff, we had a major flood in our basement. We had a big melt, followed by an ice storm, followed by more freezing weather, followed by a heavy rainstorm, which caused a drain in the floor to overflow. And when I say overflow, I mean 2-3" of water covering our entire basement... our basement which houses my studio!  Luckily we were able to remove the water quickly and nothing was seriously damaged. We were lucky. But now we are bracing for another heavy rain and the ground is already so saturated...

And, I've been sick. Just a cold, but really just the last thing I need.

I needed to get on here to complain a bit. I feel so guilty complaining because as a whole things are great. Isabel is amazing and funny and healthy. Business is wonderful and I'm busy keeping up with orders and working on new patterns. The house is coming along, and we're loving our new hometown. I just am looking forward to feeling a little more settled in it and having things a little more tidy. I wish I could figure out how to outsource some of my to-do list. I'd say that is the biggest struggle for me as a business owner. I feel so busy and overwhelmed by my to-do list, and much of it could be outsourced to give me more time, but I don't even know where to start! I find the whole idea very stressful...

Our house is getting some much needed TLC.

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  1. It sounds all so great and sorry about your water event. I don't know if this is helpful, but I know a few people that have had great luck with tele assistants. They remotely work on their "to do" list both personal and business.


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