New Shipping Rates for Sleep Masks... plus upgrades.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Checking things off my to-do list one thing at a time.

I've just reduced the shipping rates to the US on my Sleep Masks under $30. I had previously only been shipping these to the USA via Tracked Packet, which was great because it came with tracking, but also not so great because it was fairly expensive for a relatively inexpensive item. So I've decided to add a more inexpensive method of shipping to the US, that does not come with tracking. You can still opt for the Trackable method though!

I've also added some upgrades for faster shipping within Canada and Internationally.

Shipping from Canada is expensive and there is no getting around it, but I hope this will provide you with a few more options! Shipping is seriously one of the biggest hurdles I face as an online seller based in Canada. Our rates are more than double what things seem to be in the US, or in Asia. It can be hard to compete! I've only extended my $8 US shipping to my under $30 sleep masks at this time. It becomes too much of a gamble for me to risk losing more expensive items! It's not just the cost of the materials that I am then out, but my time in making replacement items. I seriously envy my US Etsians who are able to offer tracking and insurance at a more reasonable rate...


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