The crazy dreams have returned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I had nightmares all night last night.

I should explain my nightmares to people who may not be familiar with me. My nightmares usually involve doors being closed on me, or some other totally not scary event, then me waking up screaming.

My nightmare last night was a little different. Dan and I decided to have people over to my Aunt's old house (bad idea). Everyone decided to go out, but I as usual wanted to stay home. So they leave, and eventually come back, but without Dan. I ask about it, but get round about answers, and decide to go out and look for him myself.

I head out to the subway and start my search. I go shopping (thought the mall is probably the last place I'd ever find my boyfriend) and discover that Benefit Cosmetics now carries hair colour! Score!

At this point I figure I've exhausted my search and go back to my parent's house where a sudden burst of rage makes me head over to the china cabinet and start smashing all of my tea cups and nickknacks. I grab a porcelain Peter Rabbit and hurl it to the floor. The second I hear a crash, I'm filled with remorse. I pick up the pieces and try to put it back together again, regretting my anger.

Then... some time passes.

I am laying on my bed and I have finishing nails, a hammer and empty picture frames. I place one nail, point down, towards the bottom of my breast, hammer the nail in, then hang the frame.

My dream quickly turned into a bad student art film. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep again. These are the kind of dreams that bug me all day...

In other news, I started readying Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road. I've picked this book up three times and couldn't get into it. I was tired of murder mysteries last night, so grabbed this one again and couldn't put it down.

The End... off to work.

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