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Friday, March 12, 2010

I haven't finished anything lately.

I borrowed my mom's sewing machine, but forgot the pedal. Mine is going all wonky when I try to zigzag stitch.

I decided to set up my old machine anyway and sew a dress... I did everything wrong, sewed the bottom of the skirt to the zipper (which needs to be ripped out completely), screwed up on the lining of the midriff band... made the straps way too long... the fit is awful... I don't think anything went right. It can be fixed, but I invested my entire night into this monstrosity.

My week at work as been particularly horrendous, aside from a brief outing to Kravet to see a new Ralph Lauren Program. My co-worker is on vacation so I am doing a little of her job, plus my job (which I already can't handle). I went to my second interview at a competitor who tells me I will in the least, make the same as I'm making there, likely more based on their commission structure, to just to do sales... not book appointments, and do deposits, deal with everyone's customer complaints, and, and, and... Despite that, I'm not sure I'm really that interested in the job.

I feel like I work, work, work all day, come home, write resumes, cut patterns, draft patterns, try to sew things that just screw up... I eat Campbell's soup every day and still have no money! I feel like I'm doing all these things to no end... I hope this feeling fades, because it's really getting me down.

I am impatient.

On a good note, one of my loveliest friends came over on Thursday and did my hair. I'm blond, blond, blond again, and THAT at least feels good... a girl's gotta have something.

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