Bra with pre-formed cups...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, I normally don't do padded cups because I always hated the overly padded La Senza bra's (no offence, La Senza). However... I LOVE THIS. It really doesn't add any more "bulk" to the bust, but will add more support. I did this as a custom request and might do a lot more this way.

I absolutely love this black velvet. It is the softed, most plush, most yummy crushed velved I've ever laid my hands on. The owner of this is one lucky lady... wish I could keep it for myself!!!


  1. Beautiful bra and beautifully made. I just have to ask how you make these, is it a pattern you have made of is it a commercial pattern? I have been wanting to try bra making for a while but just don't know which patterns are the good ones to use? Sam xox

  2. this bra is one I've mangled from an old 1970's camisole pattern.

    Kwik Sew has some REALLY GOOD bra patterns that are multi sized for the perfect fit. They come with really good instructions if you are new to bra making.

  3. Your bras/lingerie are so indulgent...really impressive work!


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