Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sigh... back to my day job today. Just a Measly 11 hour shift! Trying to find ways to fill the time...

Dan and I went out last night and had dinner and drinks and great conversation. I feel so lucky to have re-met him. I often think about how random it was, which makes me think that maybe, just maybe it was written in the stars. I was living in Toronto, quite happily, he was living in this small town (I'll never get him out of here!). Randomly, I decided to meet up with an old friend at go out to a bar here, which is something I had never done (I hated the idea of running into old highschool "friends") But I went, and we ordered a pitcher of beer, when: Surprise, Surprise! Who walks in but the guy I had a huge crush on in high school. I think I turned to a pile of mushy, lovey goo at that very instant.

And here I am today, marrying that guy with the leather jacket that I figured would never be interested in a nerdy, stay at home, girl like me. I really can't wait 'til the big day! I sent out Thank You cards for the Engagement Party last night. It made me even more excited, though I have realized I am going to have a serious hand cramp when I write all the Thank You's for the Actual Big Day!

Dan has been one of the biggest supporters of my little business venture, and I'm really greatful for all of his understanding and help. He is the one that made me realize I really suck at working for other people but and great at working for myself! I did some early morning Etsy posting (just two items), and will be shipping out my first sale this afternoon! Last night I cut a size run of brushed cotton, plaid panties (Ever so warm for these cold, Canadian Winters!) to present to a local shop owner. I have the highest of hopes, but no expectations!

Speaking of Winter, I am going to curse myself for saying this... but I really hope we get a Traditional "Canadian" Winter this year, with lots of Snow, and snow days... I want to go snow shoeing or skiing.

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