Basics and the return of the Ruffle Bloomer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What an awesomely productive weekend. I got so many garments cut, and sewed so many samples. One of my goals for my "re-launch" was to have some more basics that could be paired with my over-the-top, frilly bottoms

Today I cut and sewed two camisoles - the Meadow Cami. One is in ivory jersey with nude bias-cut chiffon trim, the other is in black jersey with black mesh trim. They have a draped fit, are silky soft and would be great to wear as an everyday tank top, or as a sleep top. I love clothes that I can roll out of bed in, and still look great.

I also started working on some ruffley bra and panties sets. This is the Raspberry Truffle set - though pieces will be available individually as well.

I paired a creamy floral, in pinks, blues and brows with a chocolate & pink polka dot chiffon. I have to admit... after making the panties I wasn't so happy with the results, but once I added a bow, and paired it with the bra, I was really happy with the completed garments. Once again, it goes to show that bows fix everything.

I've also been working on a few more items in my favourite brushed paid. I've sewn one pair of brushed plaid ruffle bloomers, and am working on some thongs to go with. I'm hoping to take a few more pictures over the next couple of days, and then go on a listing spree!

Dan and I took a drive through the country yesterday to look at a house we've had our eyes on. It was like a fairy-tale... an absolutely dream come true. A little red farm house, surrounded by forest... a beautiful white picket gate leading up the treed driveway. It almost seems to good to be true!


  1. Those creations are fabulous, they show what a great sense of style you have! I especially love the new camis they're beautiful and look so comfortable :)

  2. Looking forward to your shop opening up. My name is written all over those plaid undies! :D

  3. These look so lovely, please 're-launch' Ohhh Lulu soon ;o)

    Good luck with the house, sounds wonderful!


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