A case of the Ho-Hums...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I feel utterly... hopelessly... despondently... uninspired.

I've been taking photos every night this week, since Sunday, trying to get a set that just "works." A set that is clear, crisp, bright and true to colour. I left work early with a headache yesterday, and instead of laying down to ease the pain, I popped pills, charged my camera battery, washed some dishes, made dinner, then took some photos. I took photos last night too, and the night before.

My current photographical state is deplorable. I have a $90 Olympus camera that I bought 2 years ago prior to our trip to San Francisco. This camera is basic, but it has a macro function & timer, two of the only functions I know how to use. I like to take photographs without a flash, as it is best to capture colour and texture. Taking non-flash photos in slightly less than ideal lighting (ie. my bedroom with all 3 windows wide open at 5 pm) equates to a bunch of blurry photos. I cannot possibly hold my hand still enough, no matter how hard I try and hold my breath and tense every muscle in my body. So, I set up a broom to steady myself, lean on the laundry basket, prop up against a book... and surprisingly... I still ended up with crap photos. I am hoping the internet can pick up on my sarcasm.

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated this morning. I could barely open my mouth to say "good morning" to Dan, and the thought of having to go to my day job brings a small tear to my eye. I have a dozen beautiful items that I want to list, but my photos just don't do them justice anymore. My camera lens is scratched, I need some decent lighting (it rains here every day lately...). I am supposed to be running an ad in October, which I must remind myself, is in 2 days. I feel another headache coming on...

I want a tripod with a horizontal arm, or at least, bottom mount. I want a new camera - not a fancy camera, just a half-decent camera. I am frustrated because I feel like I should have had everything listed by now, a new ad designed, preparing for a give away, and sitting back and enjoying my morning coffee. Instead, I'm sorting through a hundred blurry, washed out, grainy photos... The joys of DIY business.


  1. Hang in there! The camera stuff sounds very frustrating. I thought the outdoor meadow photos you took were lovely!

  2. When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.


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