Experiments with weaving, braids and bows

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've been braiding fabric, trying to figure out a way to incorporate braids into my clothing... I tried cutting long strips of fabric, braiding them, and applying the braid with a long straight stitch, but I always found the braid to be too bulky for any thing other than a neckline.

So, I took my standard bikini panties pattern, added about 6" down the centre front, and made it into a two-piece pattern, as opposed to a "cut on fold." I staggered slices horizontally down the pattern, following the curve of the leg opening. I then started folding and weaving and pinning on to my dressform until I would up with a large "braid" down the front. I trimmed off the excess, and basted the loose ends. I am in love with how it turned out. When on, it is a very low cut panties that follows the curves of the body. The lose weaving adds additional stretch to the bias cut woven cotton. I am obsessed with this now and am going excited to be trying different slashing techniques.

I used a plain elastic along the waist and legs, because I didnt' want to detract from the weaving detail in the front. I have plans on using this technique along the back of a thong style panty...

Before the wedding I bought a few yards of black and white printed lace that I was going to use to make clutches... that was a passing fancy and now I have tons of the fabric. I started this cropped cami and long-line panties set yesterday. They were so plain and.... "modern" so I added a million bows. I have yet to find anything that a million bows can't make better.

Tonight we are off to my cousins house for nearly a week of house & child sitting. We will be looking after two of the funniest little boys until Thursday, and enjoying my cousins beautiful house. I am very excited to make use of their bath tub, as I only have a coffin-sized stand up shower in my apartment.

In response to my last, frustrated post. I broke the bank and bought a new camera and tripod. The tripod is amazing, and I have no idea how I functioned without it. Hurray!


  1. Oh wow, these are both stunning new additions to your collection! I love how you are constantly experimenting and evolving, its very exciting to watch ;o)

    Glad you got yourself a new camera and tripod, they'll be invaluable for sure. I also really find that post production on my photos makes a huge difference. Just by tweaking the colour levels and sharpening an image it can do your products the justice they deserve. I've found that both Gimp and pixlr.com are pretty good and both free to use/download.

  2. The woven bikini is amazing! I love all your pretty things
    I'm in need to some new undies, I should make some fancier ones like you do. Plain is nice but pretty is better :)

  3. I use picnik to edit my photos. I wish I had a recent copy of Photoshop and Illustrator... but I don't want to spend that kind of money. I have downloaded Gimp but haven't used it yet! I have not heard of pixlr!

  4. Wonderfull...brilliant...I like it very much, that panties in roses fabric!!!


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