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Friday, December 23, 2011

Phew... I moved 2 times in 2010, and I'm pretty sure at the end of it I swore I wouldn't move again any time soon!

But, here I am.

I loved the little apartment Dan and I found, surrounded by parking lot, downtown. It's so cute and charming and cozy. Cozy being the operative word. The small shower, that at first I thought "will do," has become like torture chamber - every relaxing shower ends being pelted with falling body wash bottles and bars of soap, bruised elbows from the confined space, patches of hairy leg that never get shaved quite right because there's not room to move with out getting sprayed directly in the eye with an errant spray of water. The parking lot surrounding, which at first was fun to people watch, is noisy; if I hear one more coffee truck cheerfully tooting its horn at the nearby postal workers, I might just snap. The small patch of grass by the Bank has been peed on one too many times by my little dog. I don't think it can take much more. Our oven only half works, the bathroom has no heat, our closets look like a well-played Tetris game, full of boxes and holiday decorations.

Last night I packed up a few boxes, then we headed out to my aunts for a small birthday celebration. We watched my cousins little boys play in bits of torn up wrapping paper, and point out all the decorations on the tree. It was really fun.

Today, I work half a day, sign papers at the lawyers, then am off for a few days. I can't believe how fast the closing day is coming. I am so, so, so excited!

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