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Sunday, December 4, 2011

As you may have gathered -I love vintage clothing and textiles, but even more than that, I love antique clothing and textiles.

I have finally gotten around to photographing some of the items in my very small collection. The unfortunate thing about pre 1940's clothing is that alot of it is made of silk or fine cotton... which just does not stand the test of time. I want to make sure I keep a record of what I have so I will have a reminder even after the silk is too brittle to touch....

These are both gifts from Dan's grandmother. The black collar is Victorian or Edwardian and is hand stitched. It is not finished, and I wonder if this was to become part of a top or whether it was meant to be just a separate collar. I think the shape is really unusual, and the lace is absolutely beautiful. I love the appliqué down the front.

This bolero came with the collar but I'm not sure that it is as old. It is stunning and in excellent condition. It is very tiny and just fits my small shoulders. This is one of my favourite items...


  1. Those are just gorgeous. The collar looks Edwardian to me - based on the height of the neckline and the general shape.

    Antique clothing is my favorite too. It really is too bad that the garments being preserved (even in museums) probably won't last more than another 100 years unless we're lucky.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous.
    The collar could be very late 1890s to early 1900s. Stunning! The bolero is definitely Edwardian. Edwardian is my absolute favorite era so I'm really cherishing your lovely photos of your collection!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with that bolero! Absolutely in love!!!!!



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