Happy Spring Everyone...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apparently yesterday was the first day of spring.  You'd never know it, looking out my door.  We haven't accumulated much more snow, but it feels like it's been snowing steadily for the past 10 years... There's no grass to be seen anywhere.  I normally survive winter ok, but this year is really getting to me.  It's been really cold, really snowy, really... depressing!  I just desperately want to be warm!!! 

Here's hoping you are somewhere nice and sunny!


  1. Blah! I hear you!

    We were promised sunshine and 14°C for tomorrow. I planned a lovely outing. Now they're saying rain and 11°C. The coming week of 10-13°C max and 6°C min, with some sunshine and some showers, has also been exchanged for 0°C min and 6°C max and full on downpour.

    We don't get a lot of snow in Brittany but we had a super-rainy summer with minimal sunshine. It's like we haven't had proper sunshine since May last year (but last year summer started in March so I guess it evens out a little). It's still not as bad as when I lived in Sweden and didn't see ANY direct sunlight for 5 months pretty much every year, but it's getting rather depressing.

  2. Oh no, you have my sympathy! I used to get so depressed by the long winters and snow that I actually ended up moving country to get away from them :-) Now in the sunny south of France, but even here there's been a lot more snow and colder weather than usual...

  3. I feel you! I wish it would warm up and be nice already! I feel like it's an emotional roller-coaster with this weather. I'm in Southern Ohio and usually the snow drama is about over but nope, we are apparently going to have snow and sleet on Sunday ... OMFG!!! I can't wait until I can open windows and have warmth when I am in the sewing studio. I can't wait to take long walks with the husband and doggie, and I can't wait until I can ride my freaking motorcycle again!!! Okay, end rant LOL

    -Amy (www.thatssewamy.com)

  4. Holy shit that is cold. Even in winter we rarely get below 10. I was bitching about how much cooler it is here, opps today it is "only" 21. I will shut up now and enjoy the Queensland weather.



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