Happy Easter

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Phew! Holy moly! We had a super busy weekend... but, I am so happy to report that I finally have a real living room / dining room and a separate work area! I snapped some photos on my (crappy) phone to show. I finally am getting the house the way I always dreamed of.  

Finally have a real living room with seating for more than 2!

We got rid of a few old pieces of furniture, and finally went through some boxes that had never been unpacked when we moved last winter.  We cleared out a ton of space, and made a combined art studio for Dan / Sewing Studio for me.  The little room fit a lot more than we thought it would.  It's still a little cramped, but in a way, it's great.  Everything is close by.  Everything finally has a place.  We got new bookshelves for the living room and some fancy new lights.  We will get a new tv stand next weekend and retire the 1970's record player we are currently using as a tv stand to the basement.  The only other thing we are on the lookout for is a nice dining room table and chairs, which I will probably pick up at an auction.

yup, that's my finger in the shot!

I was very, very grateful to have the help of my little brother (who is actually a big guy, but will always be my baby brother) to help Dan move the furniture upstairs because there was no way in hell I could have done it. We basically worked all day Saturday, and most of Sunday morning, but everything is done! I am so happy to have a separate work area, and an area where I can relax, and have people over, without having to explain the factory workroom that took over the main floor of my house.  I will take better pictures once we have everything complete.  I already made a big mess in my sewing room today...

We couldn't have done at it a better time too.  I still am a little behind on orders, but am catching up.  I think this will help increase my productivity.  I also have Abbey coming up again this week to help out for 2 days this time, so we can lock ourselves in and work into the wee hours...

Dan and I just got back from dinner with my family.  Easter is a big get-together for us, all of the extended family comes.  We have lots of little ones in our family, and I got to have a little time with my cousins kids (who are as dear to me as nephews).  My family is also full of dog lovers, so it's kind of like a big dog party. My little Oliver is the wimpiest of the bunch, and spends most of the time snuggling on my lap.


  1. Aaaw, it's looking fab Sarah! What a relief to have a separate work space, now you can fully relax away from it!

  2. The new spaces look great! It's so important for everything to have it's place especially in your studio, or else everything will just end up lying around and puts a big damper on productivity.
    I hope you are enjoying your new sewing studio. Happy belated Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! Your house looks great! Well done!


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