Hurray! It's done!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I love people who can do things with their hands... like, build things, paint a picture, knit a sweater, fix a car... install an incredibly complicated vanity!

We finally got the bathroom put together last weekend.  It still needs a few finishing touches, but it is 100% usable and my house is a little more normal again.  Now that it's done, it feels so good! Our bathroom before was old, dingy, and poorly maintained.  It feels fresh and new now.

A couple weeks ago, I tackled our bedroom.  Everything upstairs had been painted boring-beige when we moved in. Our room is fairly small, just enough space for our bed, a dresser, and hope chest... pretty standard old-house size.

I'll take better photos (when I have a chance), but here is the headboard we made out of reclaimed wood.  I put a small painting that my grandma did over the bed... the frame was perfectly chipped and peeling!  We put linen-look sheers on either side of the bed to soften it up a bit and installed a chandelier.  I am really, really, really happy with how these two rooms have turned out.  It feels good to be surrounded by beautiful things.

I think we will take a break from home-reno's for a bit.  We still have a few things I want to do, like finish the flooring on the main floor, and paint the weird wood panelling we have in the entryway and hallway... but for now, I am reno'ed out!


  1. This has turned out so beautifully! It's such a great skill to be able to make and do things yourself!

  2. Your renos are so beautiful Sarah, very stylish, but also very cosy! Absolutely love your style!

  3. So, so beautiful... well done!! I'm sure it feels like heaven in your home now ^__^

  4. It looks so nice! I love the colors, very cozy.

  5. I love your headboard! Such a clever idea for up-cycling some wood!

  6. God home renovating seems such a good idea at the time and then it can become so stressful! I love your room, it looks great! XxxX


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