Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks, everyone, for the awesome response to my last blog post and the new item's I've launched! 

I finally got everything from my new collection up on Etsy, and things are selling pretty fast!  So, if there is something you've had your eye on, I wouldn't wait too long to get it as it might sell out.  Some of these fabrics are pretty limited. I thought I'd show a few pieces below that mix and match well.  I love mixing and matching prints and textures... 

Yesterday, I also finished putting up a few Sample Sale items.  I'm really trying to clear out old pieces that I was hanging onto for too long. 

Today, I'm going to finally make my way back into the studio.  The first thing I will do is CLEAN.  I worked my butt off last week trying to finish up orders so I could focus on admin-type things for a few days, and left my workspace a disaster. After, I'm going to get a head on a few orders (that feels so good to say!), and (here's the exciting bit), order swimsuit supplies.  I want to offer a few ready-made swimsuits this summer (and maybe do a sew along using some of my patterns...? yay or nay?).

Mix and Match Bras

Eventide Blue Satin Bra

Mix and Match Hipster Panties

Midnight Blue Velvet

NEW Nautical Three Pack

Nebula Lace-Back Panties

Bon Voyage High Waist Knickers

Eventide Blue Satin Hipsters


  1. Your new offerings are so cute! A swimsuit sewalong sounds super fun! I was thinking about whipping up a beach cover-up the other day, not because I need one or can wear one anytime soon, but because I just want to think about warm weather!

  2. I love your new designs (and ordered some!) A swimsuit sewalong sounds ideal. I really miss cute swimsuits in a price range I can afford, so making it myself might be a good solution!

  3. A swimsuit sewalong? YAY x3! I've been wanting to make myself a swimsuit for this summer but I've been pretty busy so it's the first thing that gets put off. A sewalong would certainly get me to stop postponing it and get it done!
    The new collection is lovely. I adore all of the prints and textures, especially the sequins and velvet!

  4. Your new designs are so gorgeous, it's hard to pick a favourite. Sadly the customs charges to the UK are phenomenal, so I can't treat myself until I've saved a bit more money. Although a sew-along of sorts would be well appreciated. I'm still dipping my toes in lingerie/swimsuit sewing and would love to have a bit of hand holding.

  5. A sew-along would be amazing! Please do.

  6. Love your new designs. Yay to a swimsuit sew along.

  7. Swimsuit sew along? Yes, please. I was thinking of using one of your patterns for that, so all the help is welcome.
    Don't you sell the pattern for the longline braletes?

  8. Yes for a swimsuit sewalong! Would love to be able to buy the pattern for your longline bra letter too.

  9. Yay for a swimsuit sewalong! And I'm going to add my name to the list of people who'd love a pattern for your longline bra - it looks like it would make a perfect bikini top.

  10. Ooh I would love a swimsuit sewalong! I made a bikini using your tutorial for the grace and jasmine patterns, and I still have a lot of notions left :)

  11. oh my. Those velvet undies are absolutely stunning. I think I am developing a velvet obsession. love love love!

  12. I love your new range. The nebula lace back is lovely. Love the feminine nautical style.


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