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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 I think we finally have everything we need for the baby. We have a car seat, we have a stroller, we have diapers, baby bath stuff, wipes, diaper cream, clothes... and a room! Dan spent a good portion of his vacation this summer assembling furniture and painting. I'm really happy with the room. It's nice and neutral, with a few special touches. I'm enjoying spending time in there right now because I know it will probably never be this tidy again.

These are two of my favourite things in the room... a handmade pug stuffy that a friend's mom made, and the Fawn Art Print by Burrowing Home on Etsy.

I made the little cloud and heart mobile for over the change table, and hung another print from burrowing home next to it. The cloud mobile started out a total disaster, but I actually am pretty happy with it now!! I used some sequin fabric on some of the hearts to make them a little more eye catching.

We have been so lucky to have been given so many of the things we needed. It has made preparing so much easier. I'm so well stocked with sleepers and blankets, towels, books, pretty much everything one could need, plus a bunch of frivolous stuff that is just nice to have.

The only last thing I really would like to get is a baby carrier - like a wrap or sling. I'd love to hear your opinions on which you found best. The wraps look complicated to me, but I've heard people swear by them...

I'm still working away on getting all of my orders out, but in between I've been trying to get a few things done, like making room in my crammed cupboards for bottles, etc., and making some meals to freeze. I am definitely not usually this domestic, but I've come to the realization that eating out every few nights probably won't be an option for us in the very near future, so I best be prepared with some food on hand! I am a lazy cook so this has been working out well for me. Last weekend I made chili, soup, and ratatouille.  Monday I made a couple vegetarian shepherds pies to freeze.  It may be total chaos here in a few weeks, but at least we won't be hungry!


  1. Geeky Sweetheart on Facebook makes lovely slings and wraps

  2. Hey Sarah, we used a wrap lots when our bub was under six months. Particularly in the first three months because he was too little for others and wanted cuddles when we just needed to cook dinner or something. As he's gotten bigger we use a baby front pack because it's way easier and he likes it more. They are both from NZ so no use telling you the brands, but I would recommend second hand because there is so much baby stuff around in great condition! Also you can often resell it for the same price if you find that style is not right for you.

  3. Hello, I live in Montreal and had 2 fall babies 2 years apart. I loved the maman kangarou wrap (a very long piece of knit fabric) because I was able to nurse my babies with it and wear comfortably a sleeping baby. The ways to wear it are numerous. I used it only indoors. My husband didn't like it at all.

    But to go out, I love my baby Bjorn (more like a "front" backpack with straps and clips) it was good from tiny baby to up to 20lbs (about 1 year for my babies) because it is not long, so in the winter the straps were not getting full of slushy snow and dirt. You can only wear it in the front, but the baby can be facing you or the outside. I always used that one doing errands, taking the subway, standing up rocking a fussy baby while having my hands free to make/eat supper, etc... My husband liked this one the best.

    Then, from 1 year up to 40 pounds, I am still using a evenflo similar to the ergo baby. I use to bring it in my stroller for when my oldest was too exhausted ; I then put my younger one in the carrier and my oldest could go in the stroller for the rest of the way home... Now only my youngest fit in it (4 yo, almost 40lbs) but I sometimes bring it when I know I cannot use a stroller and I will be gone during nap time... This one can be used in the front or the back of the parent (they love playing horsey like that!) but the child always face the parent. But a sleeping child need to be in front of you and his head need to be supported by your hand because it basically just hold the bum up against you.

    If I didn't had the Baby Bjorn, I would consider buying the more expensive Ergo Baby because it is good from newborn to 40 lbs and has a flap to support the head of an older child...

    To make a long story short - I think a baby carrier is a must to be able to do anything while your baby need comforting and if you plan to go around with your child where a stroller is not ideal... I used mines a lot. Good luck!

    1. PS : I love your first picture and adore that dainty little mobile!

  4. Love the room!! Very fresh and clean. So yeah, I love wraps for little babies until they're 4 months old and have good head control, then I think a carrier works better. Slings never worked for me. I use a moby wrap but also see good things about solly baby wraps (the wrapping technique isn't hard once you practice a bit, and it feels so good to snuggle the tiny ones right next to you). After that, I swear by my ergo carrier. Waaaay more comfortable to wear than a bjorn, and I carried my first two kids up to age 2.5 in the backpack option (and my 7 month old baby rides that way now - he falls asleep in it almost every time i wear him!). I never use strollers, actually; babywearing is so much more portable and easy. Advanced maneuvers include nursing on the go, which I've done many times in both the moby wrap and ergo. :)

  5. I like the stretchy wrap (moby or solly) for the newborn stage. Keeps them close and snug. My LO used to go to sleep immediately in that thing. Once she got older I liked the ease of my ERGO, although they aren't the most stylish thing its so easy to snap on and was a life saver during a recent camping/hiking trip. I was very very easy to nurse in and has a hood to protect from the soon My father in law swears by the sling ring. and I like them as well. They are much more stylish and easy to coordinate with outfits.

  6. Our two daughters have been carried with these fabrics up to the age of two years. They were rather petite, though. I liked having the support always only by a fabric you could just fold together. The trick is to,carry the child closely without the fabrik beeing loose.
    Wish you the best, SaSa

  7. Hi Sarah!
    The baby's room looks so sweet. You guys have done a really nice job.
    For the sling, it is so hard to say what is going to work best for you before you have tried some out. I tried many different kinds myself, and ended up using pouch slings that I sewed from this tutorial more than any other.
    Once you get the hang of carrying the baby in there (she should be high and snug and have a straight, upright back and neck) the pouch is very convenient because there are no ties or clips to fool with. You can also nurse in it if you plan on doing that. I made a few and kept them on rotation. They are easy to wash, too, and you could probably sew a few in under an hour.
    I hope you get some rest these last few weeks!


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