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Monday, September 15, 2014

I have this little pregnancy tracker app on my iPhone, and today it's telling me I have 29 days to go until my due date. Seriously, where does the time go? Yesterday was my baby shower. It was so nice, just a small gathering of family. My cousins did such a beautiful job. I'll share photos later. I feel so spoiled and loved and supported! I feel like we have everything that we need for the baby, aside from a few odds and ends. 

I still have about 12 orders to sew, but I am hoping to have all of my made-to-measure items out the door in the next two weeks. In the meantime, I have sewn a collection of ready-made items (and sleepmasks), so that I can keep my shop stocked leading up to Christmas! Already, quite a few pieces have sold, so I'm hoping that once I finish all of my orders, I can restock again. Once I am adjusted to life with the baby, I'll resume taking made-to-measure orders again.

Cabin Fever Sleepmask

'Doe' French Terry & Lace Lingerie 

Flannel Sleepmask in Floral

Dapper foxes sleepmask

'Honey' Gold Satin & Black Lace Bra

'Goldenrod' Lingerie Set

'Homestead' Plaid & Lace Bralette

'Sage' Floral Bra

'Watercolor' Autumn Bralette (there are high waist knickers to match)

Woodland lightweight plaid and lace lingerie

'Tea Rose' Lingerie Set


  1. Beautiful lingerie. Best wishes on baby's arrival.

  2. These are all so beautiful... So exciting, just one month left... Hope all goes well!

  3. These are amazing! I love your work! And the photography is beautiful! Best wishes on the baby's arrival!


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