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Friday, October 10, 2014

Now that I've semi-officially started maternity leave (by which I mean all of my work-sewing is done), I've had some time to sneak in some more baby sewing...

For this little dress, I used a baby dress I had bought as a pattern. I made it out of that pink deer-print french terry and edged the neck and sleeves with ruffled cotton elastic lace. I absolutely love this style, and I can't wait until the baby arrives so I can see how it fits!

I also made these little slippers, using the Baby Show Pattern from Petit Boo on Etsy. These were super easy to assemble, very similar to the adult size ones I've made for myself in the past.  For these, I interlined them in organic cotton batting, lined them in bamboo velour (which is SO soft), and made the exterior out of grey cat-print cotton. I like that this pattern comes with an elasticized ankle opening. I'm hoping it will help them stay on baby's feet. 

Aside from sewing, I've been busy trying to get the house ready... cleaning and organizing, making room for baby swing and play yards. I still need to give my studio a clean, but am taking a bit of a break this morning. Week 39 of pregnancy is proving to be very hard on the back and hips and standing/walking/doing anything for too much time is really difficult. For me, that has been the hardest part of pregnancy. I'm used to being able to push myself TO THE X-TREME. During the last phase of my pregnancy, I've learned that my body definitely has it's limits... it is hard to adjust to that, but I'm trying to do my best, and trying to take it easy. Oliver is a little upset with me because we can't go for quite as long walks as he would like. He's been a trooper right now though, and is snoring peacefully beside me as I type...

It's just a few days now until my due date! I'm uncharacteristically relaxed, just ready to see what it will all be like.  This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada which will be a busy one for us. My mom is hosting dinner on Sunday, so I really hope that the baby can hold on until next week!!!


  1. OH MY GOSH, these are adorable!!!!! Lucky baby!

  2. Those are absolutely adorable! I love that deer fabric. I got a chance today to listen to your interview on the Sewing Affair podcast and really enjoyed it!

  3. They are so sweet and tiny! So far I've made our little one a Swedish Baby Nest, a onesie, knit her a hat, and am most of the way thru with a knitted sweater. I need to make her more warm clothes, as she is due November 8th. I can't wait to see your little sweetie that beautiful dress!

    1. I saw the Swedish Baby Nest on your blog - it looked amazing! I absolutely love that idea, it looks like something you will get a lot of use out of.

  4. Those are so sweet! You're gonna have the most adorably dressed baby!


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