My first quilt

Sunday, October 12, 2014

 I few weeks ago I got this idea that I'd like to make a quilt for the babe.  My personal style for things around my house is more modern than fussy, so I wanted something simple and that had some interesting shapes and graphic pattern so that we could also use it as a floor mat early on (apparently babies need something called "tummy time"). I found this tutorial and pattern on See Kate Sew and decided I'd give it a try.

I bought 1/2 yard pieces of 6 different cottons - solid black, peach, ivory and teal, and two prints, a black and white star print and grey polka dot print.  For the back I used a small black and white floral, and bound the whole thing in pink bias tape (I didn't make my own, but probably will for my next attempt!).

This crib-size quilt went together so fast! I cut it out and pieced most of it together in a day, and did the quilting (by machine) and binding the next day.

Having never quilted before, I did mess up a few things. When I assembled my first row of triangles, I forgot to add a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the "peak" of the triangles so that when I sewed my next row onto it, the peaks stayed sharp.... I also had assembled it in such a way that I couldn't press the seams open neatly, so my whole first row got picked apart and reassembled. Also, one corner got a little wonky when I was quilting it together. I think my assembly of the top wasn't quite perfectly and I would up with a slightly bubbly corner... So, what I've learned is to press open my seams as I go, stitch very very accurately, and more carefully pin the topper to the batting and back.

I'm not sure I'd ever take on a much more complex or traditional style quilt than this, but I've learned that quilting is something that I DO really enjoy!  I'm already trying to find patterns for more modern style quilts, and contemplating trying to make a full size one for our bed.  I can see how quilting can quickly become an all-encompassing (and expensive!) hobby.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I pinned this pattern a while back, as well, and it's just gorgeous!! I also decided to make a triangle quilt for my first baby, due next month. I'm finding that triangles are a bit more fussy than a basic squares quilt, so I had to go back and rethink my method before sewing all the rows together (I, too, was cutting off the points of the first row). I'm thinking the quilt may be more of a Christmas present, at this point. :) Oh well, better late than never! If you are thinking about making another modern quilt, you should really check out Denyse Schmidt's two books on Amazon. She has some lovely patterns - I really like her aesthetic a lot. :) Best of luck to you in these last days before baby arrives!! xo, Amanda

  2. Love this! I made a new quilt top for the crib quilt my grandmother made for me when I found out I was pregnant with my first. I don't know that I'd ever really have the patience for any complex piecing, but it is a rather relaxing, methodical process.

  3. I love the quilt pattern & baby will love it! You did a great job! Wishing you well and all the best with the arrival of your new little one. :)

  4. Your color combo is so nice! I keep thinking it would be fun to try a quilt, but I'm sort of intimidated by the process!

  5. OMG - there is nothing simpler than making your own quilt binding! It doesn't even get cut on the bias! Freaked me right out when I read that part while making my third quilt (yes, I just assumed that binding is always on the bias). Look at the binding tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company on YouTube, if you haven't already. Crazy simple. Crazy.


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