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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Every day I get up and think "I should blog today." Then life happens and I realize that a month has gone by since I even looked at my blog!

Things are good though. Busy but good. Isabel is all settled in with her new babysitter who she sees three days a week for just a few hours. I've just exited income tax hell. Every year I say I'll stay more on top of my finances, but never end up doing anything until March. Now that all of my icky year end paper work is done, I'm rewarding myself with sewing some new items for the shop and hopefully finished up a whole new batch of patterns for my sewing pattern shop.

Actually, a few weeks ago my friend Abbey came up and sorted through all of my fabric, so I also plan on having a de-stash fabric sale... as soon as a I get a few minutes to photograph everything!

I'm finding as Isabel gets older (and more mischievous) it gets harder to concentrate on anything for any significant period of time. She is such a good baby. Though maybe she is just an average baby and I had a particularly negative view of babies prior to having my own... in any case, she is so good that I can't help but just play with her all day. We go for hours long walks, we sing songs and giggle. She has this hilarious, uncontrolled laugh that just cracks me up. I find myself feeling very torn at times. I love my work. It makes me feel so good and I get so deeply drawn into it. But I love Isabel. She is the best thing in the world! I have a hard time achieving the balance I'd like, but I suppose I am only 6 months into motherhood. It gets more challenging by the week, but also more rewarding.  I can't say I really miss the newborn stage as I love seeing her develop and react to the world around her.


  1. She is so cute!!!

  2. This sweet yummy time is fleeting. Soak up all that you can get. It's the stuff you ultimately fall back on (the strength of your connection when they get older and more complex. You'll need that closeness. So will she. Savor now.

  3. She is adorable - I can see why she's so distracting!


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