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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I get really nervous about the thought of actually talking to people, which is funny because I'm pretty much an open book. Not much is off limits with me... But once the initial jitters wear off, it can sometimes be hard to stop talking! A while back I had the opportunity to do an interview with Reyna Lay, for The Reyna Lay Designs Podcast. It was so much fun chatting with her, I could have gone on for hours! I'd love it if you had a listen to our discussion. I talk a bit about juggling business + baby, plans for the future, and some tips on sewing lingerie.  Reyna is also having a pattern give away and is offering a coupon code for my Pattern Shop... But you've got to visit her site for all of that info!

On the topic of Podcasts... Have I told you yet how obsessed I am with Podcasts? When Isabel was a few months old she was having some serious nap issues, so I would put her in the stroller or the carrier and I would walk her all around the city... To keep my very tired mind occupied I started listening to Podcasts. First, I got hooked on Skeptoid. I'm a bit of a science nerd and skeptic (but I also love the paranormal and Bigfoot), so I devoured every single episode. Then I binged on Skeptics Guide... Then onto Criminal, Quackcast, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Sawbones, Oh No Ross and Carrie (MY FAVOURITE! I LOVE THEM!), Limetown, Nightvale, Lore, Stuff Your Mother Never Told You, Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids... I am constantly listening.  If you follow me on twitter, you may know that I suffer from insomnia. Well, there's a podcast for that. Ok, it doesn't stop me from waking up at 2am, but Sleep With Me Podcast does actually get me to go to sleep most of the time (and even when it doesn't, at least I get a good laugh). Anyone else listen to any of these? Podcasts have seriously saved my sanity. Being a mom involves a lot of not-exactly-exciting moments (I love you, Izzy). Podcasts are an excellent way to feel mentally stimulated while also tending to a drooling, biting, maniacal little human. I'm excited about Reyna's Podcast, as there aren't really a lot of sewing related podcasts.

Life as a whole has been extremely busy lately. Today is Isabel's birthday (my little girl is one already!) and I've been planning a birthday and doing lots of crafting. We've been busy with lots of projects around the house, and business has been very good. To make life a little more challenging, we also decided to buy a house and sell ours, kind of impulsively. Things were going really smoothly at first, but we've run into a few bumps over the last few days that have me second guessing the whole thing...  I'm at that point where I've been going-going-going, and just reaching my breaking limit. As I've learned with our first foray into real estate,  there are a million things that can go wrong with a sale and purchase, so I'm trying to not count my chickens before they hatch.  But it's hard.

One of the other things we managed to squeeze in was a family photoshoot. Dan surprised me for our anniversary by hiring a photographer to take some candid photos of us! It was such a nice surprise and I am so happy to have these momentos of this special time with Isabel. It really is true, the first year flies by. I saw a newborn baby while I was out with Isabel today, and I can hardly even remember what that was like. It's like it goes by in the blink of an eye... now my girl is starting to walk, pointing at the dog and shouting "DOH!", and giving big, wet kisses.  I want to give a big, heartfelt thanks to Naomi from Shutter Owl Photography for spending the afternoon with us and capturing us in all of our glory. Isn't Oliver a ham? He loves to model.

Oliver is in the midst of "crazy pug" (if you have a pug you know exactly what I'm talking about).

Oliver strikes a pose.

My handsome man and beautiful daughter

My mini-me! The most important person in the world.


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  2. The photos are fabulous, Sarah! Your life seems full to the brim at the moment but wonderful. Good luck with the house sale! I hope Isabel had a fun birthday.

  3. Oh what a gorgeous and happy family, Sarah! I'm wishing you the best of luck with the house selling. I'll give the podcast a listen after class today!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw your dog's expression in the second photo.

  5. Great photos and happy birthday to your little, cutie pie! I also had a great time chatting with you! Let's do it again soon? oh, and the photos are fabulous!

  6. Your family photos look fantastic!! And how cool that you included Oliver - he's adorable! Going to check out some podcasts - thanks for the recommendations!

  7. Joj, your pappy is fat. Your daughter is so sweet, nice pictures.


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