Happy Birthday Isabel

Saturday, October 31, 2015

We celebrated Isabel's birthday last weekend with friends and family. I have to admit, I was never much into planning parties or get togethers, so before I had Isabel I was a little nervous I'd be disappointing in the Birthday Party Department. Turns out, planning parties is pretty fun, and a great excuse to make CRAFTS!

Cake topper from Cuts of Confetti

It was also a nice chance to get people together in our house for one last time before we move. It's feeling a little bittersweet; on to bigger, better things, but leaving behind a cute, little house I love!

I had a bit of a food-fiasco with my icing. I attempted a Martha Stewart recipe and failed miserably... I ended up sending Dan to the grocery store for several tins of icing. I should have just done that in the first place. I'm good at making lots of things, baking (besides the basics) is not really my forte.  Regardless, it was still delicious and I have eaten WAY TOO MUCH left over cake.

"I can walk if you hold my hand!"

I made Isabel a dress for her big day using Rabbit Rabbit Creation's Hummingbird Dress.  I made it pretty fancy, with a lined sequin top and full cut chiffon skirt. I edged the top in fold over elastic so that the sequins wouldn't rub against her skin. I really like this dress. It took hardly any time to sew and looks so cute on. I plunked Isabel down in front of a mirror while she was wearing it and her eyes went wide, she started giggling and fluffing the skirt around. My kid already loves to play dress up (which is great, because it's one of those silly things I love about having a kid).

Proud parents!

So, I made quite a few things for her party, but the thing I'm most proud of is this little time capsule I've put together for her to open on her 18th birthday. I asked guests to write little notes or memories for Isabel, included some family photos, the sleeper the wore home from the hospital, the dress she wore to the party (which I made) and her party hat (also made by me), among other little momentos.  I think it will be a nice way for us to reflect when she is older, especially since she will not have any memory of this first year of her life! 

The other fun thing I did was set up a photo booth. I happen to have a backdrop stand and tripod, which I use for my business. So, I set it up with some dark blue batik and glittery gold, pink and silver stars. It was a nice way to get photos with (most of) our family.

And of course, Isabel got to have some cake....

 I honestly don't know where this year has gone! When people say "they grow up fast" they really mean it. It feels like just yesterday she did nothing but want to nap in my arms. Now she barely stays still! I kind of miss those newborn days, but it is so much fun watching her grow up. Thanks for humouring me with all of my baby posts. I'm terribly proud and love to share!

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