A few kits just landed in the shop...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Last year I had the opportunity to teach a class at the Design Exchange in Toronto! It was fun and a gigantic learning experience for me. Teaching is something I really enjoy and I hope to do a class again someday.

I had a few kits leftover from the workshop and have just posted them in my Etsy Shop. There are only 3 Fabric/Notion kits and 1 Notions kit! So if you are interested, don't wait, snatch 'em up now!

Current Kits Available:

Black and Coral Floral

Shop Kits

Seafoam and Champagne Kit

Seafoam and Champagne Kit

Abstract Floral

Abstract Floral

If the demand is there, I'll make up more kits as I have the time!

Shop all Kits by clicking HERE.


  1. I'd love to buy a kit! I'd love to eventually start sewing my own lingerie but I'm not sure where to start. Where I'm from, lingerie materials are pretty hard to come by, so this will be a huge help :)

  2. Are they sold out already? I can not see them in the shop. No wonder, though, they are gorgeous!


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