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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Have you ever tried doll-making? I had never really made stuffed toys, besides some witch legs last halloween, but I wanted to try to make Isabel a rag doll.

I wasn't entirely sure where to start, so I bought a pattern on Etsy from Create Joy Make Stuff. I followed the directions exactly for the body, but decided to do yarn hair instead of felt. I also embroidered on the face, which was a real challenge for me, but I am happy how it turned out! I don't have a lot of experience with embroidery so I did a lot of stitch ripping.  I found this blog post from Big Little to be really helpful. 

I embroidered a little french knot for a belly button. Isabel is obsessed with belly buttons. She always wants me to show my belly button to everyone in the grocery store...

Anyway, I was SO happy with how the doll turned out that I decided I'd try another toy. This time I kind of made up my own pattern, using the doll pattern as a bit of a jumping point. Since it was Easter, I throught I'd make a bunny doll.

I made the tiniest little underwear set for her to wear, as well as a matching easter dress using a Riley Blake Bunny Print.  I used Heidi & Finn's Pumpkin Spice pattern for Isabel's dress. I really love this pattern! I want to make Isabel a ton of these. It has a comfortable loose fit, is easy to sew with three sleeve variations, and looks super adorable!

Bunny's Top

Isabel's top
So I'm kind of obsessed with making them matching outfits now. I made a striped replica of a Brindille and Twig Ragland Sleeve Top I made for her earlier in the winter.  

Doll making is almost as addicting as lingerie making!


  1. That matching doll and baby outfit is totally adorable. I'm sure she will love this now, but also when she's an adult and sees how much love and care you have shown her with your crafting.

  2. Oh my, just as cute and nicely made as your lingerie! Great hobby, love the matching doll/baby outfits!

  3. These are adorable!! And I totally get it, dollmaking is super addictive!! That bunny is so cute and I can't get over their eyes!! Isabel is lucky to have a mom who sews and can make her dollies lots of adorable outfits too!


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