Great Intentions...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So I had great intentions of finishing this post after I got to work, however, I've been swamped and have been preoccupied reading about the untimely death of Alexander McQueen. This is especially meaningful to me, I'd say it was he who really got me into fashion, he showed me how fashion could truly be art.

This post was supposed to be about how I have a hard time finishing projects. As I write this (at work), I realize, I still haven't quoted Mr. Armstrong, I still need to make changes to the orders sitting on my desk, I still need to book that appointment over there, and try to find some fabrics that have geometric patterns in black and beige.

Instead, as is my usual habit, I am moving on to something else. These two photographs illustrate my habit. See the coat? That is two, maybe three years in the making. Got put in a box... forgotten about, until about a month ago. That corset? I decided on a whim I wanted to flex my old corsetry skills. It sits in a box, unfinished, in need of grommets.

My new (sewing) goal is to NOT HAVE WORKS IN PROGRESS! I will have works that are COMPLETED! My coat is my inspiration, after 2 (or was it three?) years, I finally "got around to it."

Now... I should get back to work.

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