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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I went to my old Orillia Fabricland and found the best clearance section I've ever seen in my life. I picked up two pieces of printed/embroidered cotton. I just wish I had more time and energy to sew at the end of the day. This dress (which is in need of a press) just needs a zipper, hem and facing. Hopefully I'll find some extra time tonight! I have a feeling my boyfriend and I will only be eating Kraft Dinner tonight...

I wish I could make this my full time job...

This week is really dragging on, the days are getting so monotonous. I'm tired of picking up the phone and asking "how can I help you today?" or "oh, you'd like to book a shop at home." What I'd really like to say is, "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR NEW WINDOWS! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR COLOUR SCHEME!!!" But, that would not help my current financial situation.

Speaking of which, my financial situation lately has not been good. Expenses are increasing significantly, while my measly pay is staying the same. My bank account was "compromised" late last month, my OSAP payment came out later than normal, and my rent check bounced! The first time in my life! This brings me to my point: I don't understand how the bank can charge someone who doesn't have enough money to cover basic living expenses, a $50 NSF Fee (not to mention the $25 fee from my bank). It's a kick when you're down. Let's take money from the girl who OBVIOUSLY has none! Also, this has been the third time in a matter of months my account has been "compromised." I feel like I'd be safer and pay far fewer fees, keeping my money under my mattress.

I'll be wearing this apron while I make my Kraft Dinner tonight. I make mine "gourmet" with cut up hot dogs, and garlic salt! Oh, culinary delight in a box!

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