Coming Soon! And the postal strike...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have been working like a dog lately, but we made some time to fit in a camping trip this weekend. We stayed up past midnight, talking around the camp fire then snuggled down in our sleeping bags, zipped together. It was so relaxing and wonderful, I wish I could have stayed another night.

There is currently a Postal Strike in the Great White North; while there have been labour disruptions for 2 weeks now, postal workers were locked out of the job last week. So, I have a dozen packages sitting here, waiting to be shipped, and three sitting at the post office, having been dropped off the day before the strike.

I am ALMOST caught up with all of my heartsy orders, and only have 8 more orders left to fill. Pretty soon I'm going to be posting some NEW items, plus a couple Design Your Own ruffle bloomer listings. I am going to offer a choice of 3-4 fabrics for your base, 3-4 fabrics for your ruffles, the option of self bows, ribbon bow, or buttons, and elastic options as well. It will allow you to have completely customized, one-of-a-kind just for your bloomers! I am excited to start working on the listing and spent a good chunk of time today in my local fabric store..

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  1. Gosh, what with a full time job and a wedding looming, I honestly can't figure out where you get the time to fill all your orders. I wish some of your productivity could wipe off on me!

    By the way, I am loving the sound of your new design-your-own-ruffle-bloomers...this is soooo exciting!


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